Author: Raymond P. Scheindlin, Genre: History, Total Page: 274, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 0195139410

From the original legends of the Bible to the peace accords of today's newspapers, this engaging, one-volume history of the Jews will fascinate and inform. 30 illustrations.

Author: Michael Brenner, Genre: History, Total Page: 440, Publisher: Princeton University Press, ISBN: 9780691154978

From the Publisher: A Short History of the Jews is the story of the Jewish people told in a sweeping and powerful historical narrative. Michael Brenner chronicles the Jewish experience from Biblical times to today, tracing what is at heart a drama of migration and change, yet one that is also deeply rooted in tradition. He surveys the latest scholarly perspectives in Jewish history, making this short history the most learned yet broadly accessible book available on the subject. Brenner takes readers from the mythic wanderings of Moses to the unspeakable atrocities of the Holocaust; from the Babylonian exile to the founding of the modern state of Israel; and from the Sephardic communities under medieval Islam to the shtetls of eastern Europe and the Hasidic enclaves of modern-day Brooklyn. This richly illustrated book is full of fascinating and often personal stories of exodus and return, from that told about Abraham, who brought his newfound faith into the land of Canaan, to that of Holocaust survivor Esther Barkai, who lived on a kibbutz established on a German estate seized from the Nazi Julius Streicher as she awaited resettlement in Israel. Brenner traces the major events, developments, and personalities that have shaped Jewish history down through the centuries, and highlights the important contributions Jews have made to the arts, politics, religion, and science. Breathtaking in scope, A Short History of the Jews is a compelling blend of storytelling and scholarship that brings the history of the Jewish people marvelously to life.

Author: Abraham Malamat, Genre: History, Total Page: 1170, Publisher: Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674397312

A comprehensive, detailed survey of Jewish politics, religion, economics, and society and of Jewish life and achievement, from the second millennium B.C. through the Diaspora, and in the state of Israel

Author: Cecil Roth, Genre: Jews, Total Page: 443, Publisher: , ISBN: LCCN:01000980

Author: Mosheh Weiss, Genre: History, Total Page: 280, Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield, ISBN: 0742544028

A brief history of the Jewish People, from Abraham (1726 BCE) to the year 2000.

Author: Harry Ostrer MD, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 288, Publisher: Oxford University Press, ISBN: 9780199976386

Who are the Jews--a race, a people, a religious group? For over a century, non-Jews and Jews alike have tried to identify who they were--first applying the methods of physical anthropology and more recently of population genetics. In Legacy, Harry Ostrer, a medical geneticist and authority on the genetics of the Jewish people, explores not only the history of these efforts, but also the insights that genetics has provided about the histories of contemporary Jewish people. Much of the book is told through the lives of scientific pioneers. We meet Russian immigrant Maurice Fishberg; Australian Joseph Jacobs, the leading Jewish anthropologist in fin-de-siècle Europe; Chaim Sheba, a colorful Israeli geneticist and surgeon general of the Israeli Army; and Arthur Mourant, one of the foremost cataloguers of blood groups in the 20th century. As Ostrer describes their work and the work of others, he shows that to look over the genetics of Jewish groups, and to see the history of the Diaspora woven there, is truly a marvel. Here is what happened as the Jews migrated to new places and saw their numbers wax and wane, as they gained and lost adherents and thrived or were buffeted by famine, disease, wars, and persecution. Many of these groups--from North Africa, the Middle East, India--are little-known, and by telling their stories, Ostrer brings them to the forefront at a time when assimilation is literally changing the face of world Jewry. A fascinating blend of history, science, and biography, Legacy offers readers an entirely fresh perspective on the Jewish people and their history. It is as well a cutting-edge portrait of population genetics, a field which may soon take its place as a pillar of group identity alongside shared spirituality, shared social values, and a shared cultural legacy.

Author: Elie Barnavi, Genre: History, Total Page: 299, Publisher: Schocken, ISBN: 0805241272

A comprehensive overview of more than four thousand years of Jewish history includes maps, artwork, chronologies, and commentary

Author: Donald M. Lewis, Genre: History, Total Page: 376, Publisher: InterVarsity Press, ISBN: 9780830846986

Christian Zionism influences global politics, especially U.S. foreign policy, and has deeply affected Jewish–Christian and Muslim–Christian relations. With a fair-minded, longitudinal study of this dynamic yet controversial movement, Donald M. Lewis traces its lineage from biblical sources through the Reformation to various movements of today.

Author: Max I. Dimont, Genre: History, Total Page: 176, Publisher: Behrman House, Inc, ISBN: 0874413915

Presents a history of the Jewish people throughout the ages.

Author: John Efron, Genre: History, Total Page: 560, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781315508993

The Jews: A History, second edition, explores the religious, cultural, social, and economic diversity of the Jewish people and their faith. The latest edition incorporates new research and includes a broader spectrum of people - mothers, children, workers, students, artists, and radicals - whose perspectives greatly expand the story of Jewish life.