Author: Jamaica Kincaid, Genre: History, Total Page: 96, Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ISBN: 9781466828834

A brilliant look at colonialism and its effects in Antigua--by the author of Annie John "If you go to Antigua as a tourist, this is what you will see. If you come by aeroplane, you will land at the V. C. Bird International Airport. Vere Cornwall (V. C.) Bird is the Prime Minister of Antigua. You may be the sort of tourist who would wonder why a Prime Minister would want an airport named after him--why not a school, why not a hospital, why not some great public monument. You are a tourist and you have not yet seen . . ." So begins Jamaica Kincaid's expansive essay, which shows us what we have not yet seen of the ten-by-twelve-mile island in the British West Indies where she grew up. Lyrical, sardonic, and forthright by turns, in a Swiftian mode, A Small Place cannot help but amplify our vision of one small place and all that it signifies.

Author: Jamaica Kincaid, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 81, Publisher: Macmillan, ISBN: 0374527075

The author of such books as At the Bottom of the River and My Brother returns to Antigua, the ten-by-twelve mile Caribbean island where she grew up, to explore the effects of colonialism. Reprint.

Author: Jamaica Kincaid, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 81, Publisher: Macmillan, ISBN: 9780374266387

Antigua--a ten-by-twelve-mile island in the British West Indies and the author's birthplace--is the setting of a lyrical, sardonic, and forthright essay that offers an insider's eye-opening view of the lives and ways of her people

Author: Jean Casella, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 256, Publisher: New Press, The, ISBN: 9781620971383

“An unforgettable look at the peculiar horrors and humiliations involved in solitary confinement” from the prisoners who have survived it (New York Review of Books). On any given day, the United States holds more than eighty-thousand people in solitary confinement, a punishment that—beyond fifteen days—has been denounced as a form of cruel and degrading treatment by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. Now, in a book that will add a startling new dimension to the debates around human rights and prison reform, former and current prisoners describe the devastating effects of isolation on their minds and bodies, the solidarity expressed between individuals who live side by side for years without ever meeting one another face to face, the ever-present specters of madness and suicide, and the struggle to maintain hope and humanity. As Chelsea Manning wrote from her own solitary confinement cell, “The personal accounts by prisoners are some of the most disturbing that I have ever read.” These firsthand accounts are supplemented by the writing of noted experts, exploring the psychological, legal, ethical, and political dimensions of solitary confinement. “Do we really think it makes sense to lock so many people alone in tiny cells for twenty-three hours a day, for months, sometimes for years at a time? That is not going to make us safer. That’s not going to make us stronger.” —President Barack Obama “Elegant but harrowing.” —San Francisco Chronicle “A potent cry of anguish from men and women buried way down in the hole.” —Kirkus Reviews

Author: T. R. Pearson, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 384, Publisher: Penguin, ISBN: 9781101126936

Marvelously funny, bittersweet, and beautifully evocative, the original publication of A Short History of a Small Place announced the arrival of one of our great Southern voices. Although T. R. Pearson's Neely, North Carolina, doesn't appear on any map of the state, it has already earned a secure place on the literary landscape of the South. In this introduction to Neely, the young narrator, Louis Benfield, recounts the tragic last days of Miss Myra Angelique Pettigrew, a local spinster and former town belle who, after years of total seclusion, returns flamboyantly to public view-with her pet monkey, Mr. Britches. Here is a teeming human comedy inhabited by some of the most eccentric and endearing characters ever encountered in literature.

Author: Eric Newby, Genre: Travel, Total Page: 240, Publisher: HarperCollins UK, ISBN: 9780007508150

This book is a lush and beautiful memoir of a very special house and a superb recreation of a bygone era.

Author: Donald R. Wright, Genre: History, Total Page: 308, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9780429996405

The World and a Very Small Place in Africa is a fascinating look at how contacts with the wider world have affected how people have lived in Niumi, a small and little-known region at the mouth of West Africa’s Gambia River, for over a thousand years. Drawing on archives, oral traditions and published works, Donald R. Wright connects world history with real people on a local level through an exploration of how global events have affected life in Niumi. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this new edition rests on recent thinking in globalization theory, reflects the latest historiography and has been extended to the present day through discussion of the final years of Gambian President Yahya Jammeh’s regime, the role of global forces in the events of the 2016 presidential elections and the changes that resulted from these elections. The book is supported throughout by photographs, maps and Perspectives boxes that present detailed information on such topics as Alex Haley’s Roots (part set in Niumi), why Gambians take the risky "back way" to reach Europe, or "Wiri-Wiri," the Senegalese soap that has Gambians’ attention. Written in a clear and personal style and taking a critical yet sensitive approach, it remains an essential resource for students and scholars of African history, particularly those interested in the impact of globalization on the lives of real people.

Author: Lea Williwald, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 14, Publisher: GRIN Verlag, ISBN: 9783346474773

Essay in the subject Literature - Basics, , language: English, abstract: The reflective analysis of Kincaid’s observations, ideas and approaches as well as literary style will seek to elaborate the dynamics that dominate the global economy, as well as the economies of singular countries. Furthermore, the parallels between colonization and globalization shall be highlighted. This examination will effectively lead to an answer to the question of whether Kincaid seeks retribution and reparations or complete independence from the Political West and her former as well as current oppressors.

Author: Juliette Storr, Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines, Total Page: 267, Publisher: , ISBN: 1552388492

Front Cover -- Half Title Page -- Series Page -- Full Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Acronyms -- Acknowledgments -- Preface -- PART I -- 1 - Journalism and Mediain the Caribbean -- 2 - Practicing Journalism in Small Places: National and Regional Implications -- 3 - Caribbean Journalism's Media Economy: Advancing Democracy and the Common Good? -- PART II -- 4 - Caribbean Journalism: Comprehensive and Proportionate -- 5 - Caribbean Journalism:Relevant and Engaging -- 6 - Caribbean Journalism:Maintaining Independence -- 7 - The Future of Caribbean Journalism -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index -- Back Cover

Author: Barbara Brenner, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 32, Publisher: Harper Collins, ISBN: 068817180X

Deep in the forest . . . A bear sharpens her claws on a tree trunk. The scratched bark chips; a tiny hole forms. Timber beetles tunnel inside. The hole grows bigger and bigger. In lyrical prose, Barbara Brenner reveals the fascinating happenings in one small place. She explains how, over many years, the rough hole transforms into a cozy hollow -- home to salamanders, tree frogs, a family of white-footed mice. Tom Leonard’s absorbing illustrations take you beneath the bark to a hidden world. His warm, lifelike depictions of squirrels and bluebirds, snakes and spiders show the splendor that dwells in the most unexpected places. So stop. Observe. Explore your natural world. If you look closely enough, you will surely find . . . one small place that is home for something.