Author: M. Tefler, Genre: , Total Page: 190, Publisher: , ISBN: 1549902911

You've just found the ultimate erotic science-fiction series!It's 2779 and a retired Terran Federation Marine has taken up life as a trader. Follow John Blake's adventures as he travels the galaxy on his freighter, the "Fool's Gold". This is the first book in a massive epic full of beautiful women, rampaging aliens, gunfights, space combat, and a mysterious heritage that will shake the foundations of the galaxy...A multi-award winning adult space opera by M Tefler.

Author: Abigail Carroll, Genre: History, Total Page: 344, Publisher: Basic Books, ISBN: 9780465040964

We are what we eat, as the saying goes, but we are also how we eat, and when, and where. Our eating habits reveal as much about our society as the food on our plates, and our national identity is written in the eating schedules we follow and the customs we observe at the table and on the go. In Three Squares, food historian Abigail Carroll upends the popular understanding of our most cherished mealtime traditions, revealing that our eating habits have never been stable—far from it, in fact. The eating patterns and ideals we’ve inherited are relatively recent inventions, the products of complex social and economic forces, as well as the efforts of ambitious inventors, scientists and health gurus. Whether we’re pouring ourselves a bowl of cereal, grabbing a quick sandwich, or congregating for a family dinner, our mealtime habits are living artifacts of our collective history—and represent only the latest stage in the evolution of the American meal. Our early meals, Carroll explains, were rustic affairs, often eaten hastily, without utensils, and standing up. Only in the nineteenth century, when the Industrial Revolution upset work schedules and drastically reduced the amount of time Americans could spend on the midday meal, did the shape of our modern “three squares” emerge: quick, simple, and cold breakfasts and lunches and larger, sit-down dinners. Since evening was the only part of the day when families could come together, dinner became a ritual—as American as apple pie. But with the rise of processed foods, snacking has become faster, cheaper, and easier than ever, and many fear for the fate of the cherished family meal as a result. The story of how the simple gruel of our forefathers gave way to snack fixes and fast food, Three Squares also explains how Americans’ eating habits may change in the years to come. Only by understanding the history of the American meal can we can help determine its future.

Author: Jane Stern, Genre: Cooking, Total Page: 337, Publisher: Random House Incorporated, ISBN: 0394741625

Presents hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, all based on old pamphlets, product brochures, community cookbooks, and popular cookbooks that first appeared between 1920 and 1960

Author: Jane Stern, Genre: Cooking, Total Page: 349, Publisher: Lebhar-Friedman, ISBN: 0867308206

This revised and updated edition of the classic Square Meals is a celebration of American food from the 1920s through the 1950s, a salute to the days of lunch counters and the times when Sunday dinner was hearty and special.

Author: , Genre: Cookery, Total Page: 120, Publisher: , ISBN: 187407514X

Author: Shawn Thomas, Genre: , Total Page: 167, Publisher: Independently Published, ISBN: 1792000766

Do you know the value of having three square meals a day? If you grew up in my household this would be a no-brainer. As a child, the importance of proper nutrition was instilled in me and my siblings at a very early age. How about you? Did you ever have to do school lessons on the food pyramid or hear lectures about the importance of eating your three square meals? Well, I have had more lessons than I can remember. I thought those lessons, for me, would never come in handy; but as I begin this project, I realize that just as we must have a balanced natural diet, we must likewise have a balanced spiritual diet. I have often heard the Bible described as "spiritual food;" well, if that is true then why do we not treat it that way? Most of the devotionals that I have used over the years, some of which have been amazing, gave me one spiritual meal for the day; but that is not quite how it is with food, is it? Let's think about natural food. Do you eat only one meal a day or are you encouraged to have at least three square meals? Well, the idea of this book is to give you a well-balanced spiritual meal plan. This book is also about renewal. So, these stories are not just devotionals, they are designed to bring a breath of freshness from God in twenty-eight days. My team and I have identified prayer, trust, assurance, advancing through adversity, encouragement, moving forward, self-improvement, forgiveness, and healing as the major areas that lead to a person being renewed. Have you ever had a bucket of water splashed on you on a hot day? I pray this book is just as refreshing for you. 3 Square Meals is ninety short scriptures and stories to be read three times daily. Prayerfully, in the next twenty-eight days you will be encouraged, inspired, and renewed while eating your three square meals.

Author: Devasahayam Theresa W, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 264, Publisher: World Scientific, ISBN: 9789813231917

Research on women and food security in Southeast Asia has been limited. The collection of chapters in Ensuring a Square Meal: Women and Food Security in Southeast Asia is one of the first attempts at providing a lens into the linkages between women and food security at the household, community, national, and transnational levels. More broadly, the chapters examine women's contribution in households, resource distribution to produce food, and the purchasing power to buy food. In analysing the various facets of food security in relation to gender, the analyses focus on the meanings of 'private' and 'public', and the extent to which the effects of the two spheres spill over into each other. Given women's critical role in food production and provision, the book assesses the structural forces enabling women to access productive resources and, in turn, ensure sustainable strategies for food security; as well as it evaluates how governments might address the constraints women face in this vital role.

Author: Christopher Payne, Genre: Health & Fitness, Total Page: 320, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781501160721

A bold and sensible new behavioral approach to dieting—driven by economic principles— that recommends micro-habits and meta-rules to help control impulses to overeat, approach food in a healthier way, and lose weight once and for all. Christopher Payne and Rob Barnett are two formerly obese economists who met while working at Bloomberg. They faced the same problems that so many others face today: long hours, frequently eating out for lunch and dinner, and snacking out of boredom. When they finally lost weight by applying what they know best—economics—to their waistlines. By carefully considering economic theories, real-world data, and their own personal experiences, they developed behavioral best practices that helped them control their impulses to overeat and approach food in a healthier way. Full of Barnett and Payne’s personal weight-loss stories, The Economists' Diet is a practical guide that explains how to control those ever-present impulses to overeat and, in the process, lose weight and keep it off. It is “[a] uniquely themed and user-friendly guide” (Publisher’s Weekly), and “full of advice [that] makes a lot of sense and is habit-forming (Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of The Power of Habit).

Author: Monica Lynn, Genre: Health & Fitness, Total Page: 224, Publisher: Harper Paperbacks, ISBN: 0060590009

The founder of 5 Squares, a food delivery service that caters to celebrities and everyone who wants to lose weight safely and easily, offers more than 100of her Zone– and low–carb recipes, in a plan for healthy eating––five daily meals at a time. Have you been looking for a healthy way to eat, without all the hassle of counting calories, calculating percentages, cutting out the foods you love, or regaining the weight? If so, Monica Lynn, founder and CEO of 5 Squares, offers the perfect plan to change how you eat–and to change your life. 5 Squares delivers five healthy, balanced meals–or "squares"–to clients each day. Now, you too can make the meals that have helped thousands of happy customers–including celebrities and members of the Yankees, the Mets, and the Rangers–lose weight and increase their energy. Lynn's philosophy is simple: "Eat more, eat clean, and plan ahead." Eating five satisfying but smaller meals a day helps keep your metabolism running smoothly. Developed especially for your kitchen and based on tried–and–true nutritional information, the plan eliminates wheat and sugar in favour of foods that help build lean muscle mass. Lynn takes the guesswork out of healthful eating with twenty days' worth of easy–to–use recipes packed with flavour. The result: Your extra pounds will drop off safely and easily, and your energy will increase by leaps and bounds!

Author: Kathy Duval, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 40, Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, ISBN: 9781368004343

Aliens have landed on Willy's farm, and they're not leaving without a square dance and a square meal! So fire up that grill, lay on the barbeque sauce, and snatch up that fiddle. Told in verse, this rollicking story puts a twist on the typical encounter with the third kind. Adam McCauley's out-of-this-world illustrations match Kathy Duval's hoe-down rhymes like ribs and taters! Get ready for some extraterrestrial, lip-smacking fun.