Author: Jules R. Benjamin, Genre: Reference, Total Page: 233, Publisher: Bedford/st Martins, ISBN: 0312247656

A brief yet comprehensive introduction to the study of history, A Student's Guide to History discusses the discipline, reviews basic study, research, and writing skills, and describes the most common kinds of history assignments. Class tested and having seven editions, this text is a useful reference for any student of history, major and non-major alike, in both introductory and advanced courses.

Author: Jules R. Benjamin, Genre: History, Total Page: 176, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015026985716

Whether you are taking your first college-level history course or are majoring in history, this best-selling guide provides tools that will help you to improve your performance: Guidelines for tackling common history assignments, with practical examples and concise explanations. Step-by-step advice on coming up with an effective thesis or argument for your paper. Comprehensive coverage of conducting research, with an emphasis on using the Internet to locate reliable sources. An appendix that highlights the most helpful print and digital resources for starting your research. Guidelines for documenting sources, with over one hundred models that illustrate proper footnote/endnote and bibliography style for a variety of print and electronic sources. A Studentÿs Online Guide to History Reference Sources offers an easy-to-navigate, linked version of Appendix A "Resources for History Research," as well as complete contact information for state, local, and professional history organizations. Book jacket.

Author: Georg Christ, Genre: History, Total Page: 254, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9780429015441

History and Economic Life offers students a wide-ranging introduction to both quantitative and qualitative approaches to interpreting economic history sources from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century. Having identified an ever-widening gap between the use of qualitative sources by cultural historians and quantitative sources by economic historians, the book aims to bridge the divide by making economic history sources more accessible to students and the wider public, and highlighting the need for a complementary rather than exclusive approach. Divided into two parts, the book begins by equipping students with a toolbox to approach economic history sources, considering the range of sources that might be of use and introducing different ways of approaching them. The second part consists of case studies that examine how economic historians use such sources, helping readers to gain a sense of context and understanding of how these sources can be used. The book thereby sheds light on important debates both within and beyond the field, and highlights the benefits gained when combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to source analysis. Introducing sources often avoided in culturally-minded history or statistically-minded economic history courses respectively, and advocating a combined quantitative and qualitative approach, it is an essential resource for students undertaking source analysis within the field.

Author: Ishtla Singh,, Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines, Total Page: 240, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781134644568

The History of English provides an accessible introduction to the changes that English has undergone from its Indo-European beginnings to the present day. The text looks at the major periods in the history of English, and provides for each a socio-historical context, an overview of the relevant major linguistic changes, and also focuses on an area of current research interest, either in sociolinguistics or in literary studies. Exercises and activities that allow the reader to get 'hands-on' with different stages of the language, as well as with the concepts of language change, are also included. By explaining language change with close reference to literary and other textual examples and emphasising the integral link between a language and its society, this text is especially useful for students of literature as well as linguistics.

Author: John Lukacs, Genre: History, Total Page: 50, Publisher: Open Road Media, ISBN: 9781497645165

A thoughtful look at the value of learning from the past: “Nobody has done more than John Lukacs to turn the short history book into an art form” (Antony Beevor, Toronto Globe & Mail). To study history is to learn about oneself. And to fail to grasp the importance of the past—to remain ignorant of the deeds and writing of previous generations—is to bind oneself by the passions and prejudices of the age into which one is born. John Lukacs, one of today’s most widely published historians, explains what the study of history entails, how it has been approached over the centuries, and why it should be undertaken by today’s students. This guide is an invitation to become a master of the historian’s craft.

Author: Robert C. Williams, Genre: History, Total Page: , Publisher: M.E. Sharpe, ISBN: 9780765633286

Written in an engaging and entertaining style, this widely-used how-to guide introduces readers to the theory, craft, and methods of history and provides a series of tools to help them research and understand the past. Part I is a stimulating, philosophical introduction to the key elements of history--evidence, narrative, and judgment--that explores how the study and concepts of history have evolved over the centuries. Part II guides readers through the workshop of history. Unlocking the historian's toolbox, the chapters here describe the tricks of the trade, with concrete examples of how to do history. The tools include documents, primary and secondary sources, maps, arguments, bibliographies, chronologies, and many others. This section also covers professional ethics and controversial issues, such as plagiarism, historical hoaxes, and conspiracy theories. Part III addresses the relevance of the study of history in today's fast-paced world. The chapters here will resonate with a new generation of readers: on everyday history, oral history, material culture, public history, event analysis, and historical research on the Internet. This Part also includes two new chapters for this edition. GIS and CSI examines the use of geographic information systems and the science of forensics in discovering and seeing the patterns of the past. Too Much Information treats the issue of information overload, glut, fatigue, and anxiety, while giving the reader meaningful signals that can benefit the study and craft of history. A new epilogue for this edition argues for the persistence of history as a useful and critically important way to understand the world despite the information deluge.

Author: M.C. Lemon, Genre: History, Total Page: 480, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781134717460

Philosophy of History is an essential introduction to a vast body of writing about history, from classical Greece and Rome to the modern world. M.C. Lemon maps out key debates and central concepts of philosophy of history, placing principal thinkers in the context of their times and schools of thought. Lemon explains the crucial differences between speculative philosophy as an enquiry into the content of history, and analytic philosophy of history as relating to the methods of history. The first two parts of the book trace each of these traditions, whereas the third part revisits both in the light of recent contributions to the discipline. This guide provides a comprehensive survey of historical thought since ancient times. Its clear terminology and lucid argument will make it an invaluable source for students and teachers alike.

Author: Nathan A. Finn, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 112, Publisher: Crossway, ISBN: 9781433537660

A robust understanding of the past has the power to shape our perspective on the present and plans for the future. In this introduction to the study of history, a historian helps students grasp what it means to examine and explore history from a distinctly Christian perspective. In addition to opening students’ eyes to the riches of the past, this readable guidebook models an approach to history that embraces the fundamental beliefs and convictions that make up the Christian worldview. Part of the acclaimed Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series, this volume will be an invaluable tool in the hands of those seeking to engage with the past with God in mind. Includes illustrations, reflection questions, and a list of resources for further study.

Author: Sarah Barber, Genre: History, Total Page: 208, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9780415429627

Sources are the bedrock of history. But over the past few years the question of 'what is a historical source' has become an increasingly prominent concern. This text opens up the discussion on sources to those beyond the 'traditional' ones.

Author: George Gilbert, Genre: History, Total Page: 344, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781351184151

Reading Russian Sources is an accessible and comprehensive guide that introduces students to the wide range of sources that can be used to engage with Russian history from the early medieval to the late Soviet periods. Divided into two parts, the book begins by considering approaches that can be taken towards the study of Russian history using primary sources. It then moves on to assess both textual and visual sources, including memoirs, autobiographies, journals, newspapers, art, maps, film and TV, enabling the reader to engage with and make sense of the burgeoning number of different sources and the ways they are used. Contributors illuminate key issues in the study of different areas of Russia’s history through their analysis of source materials, exploring some of the major issues in using different source types and reflecting recent discoveries that are changing the field. In so doing, the book orientates students within the broader methodological and conceptual debates that are defining the field and shaping the way Russian history is studied. Chronologically wide-ranging and supported by further reading, along with suggestions to help students guide their own enquiries, Reading Russian Sources is the ideal resource for any student undertaking research on Russian history.