Author: Christos Gage, Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels, Total Page: , Publisher: Avatar Press, ISBN: PKEY:Absolution2

In this brutal issue, John Dusk's campaign of exterminating criminals his girlfriend Karen reaches the conclusion that only an "enhancile" could have committed the murders she's investigating. We'll see that not all superhumans in John's world are on the side of the law, and meet some of the renegades, including the enigmatic Happy Kitty. And before the issue's over, someone will discover John's secret...

Author: Peter Milligan, Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels, Total Page: 23, Publisher: AWA Studios, ISBN:

Nina Ryan was a hired killer who brought nothing but pain and suffering to the world. Now, she has a month to prove that she can change. A month to make up for her crimes and find absolution, or the bombs that have been implanted in her head will explode, killing her instantly. As her journey of atonement is live-streamed to a fickle public, Nina is about to discover that the road to redemption might be splattered with blood.

Author: Rev. Peter MARSHALL, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: BL:A0021757357

Author: Edward William ATTWOOD, Genre: , Total Page: 29, Publisher: , ISBN: BL:A0021774731

Author: Lp Lovell, Genre: , Total Page: 294, Publisher: , ISBN: 9798517886866

Raised by criminals, I was molded to fit into a world without morals. And I had never given cared about anything until the night I watched a man drop dead at the feet of my little killer. Everything inside me demanded that I take her, possess her-own her. She called to my depravity, and I called to hers. People like us are monsters, and we shouldn't be worthy of love. But obsession? Now, that's another story...

Author: Charles Henry DAVIS (Rector of Littleton-Drew.), Genre: , Total Page: 32, Publisher: , ISBN: BL:A0021774617

Author: Alexander Spiers, Genre: English language, Total Page: 830, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015038691377

Author: Henry Garrett NEWLAND, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: BL:A0019123496

Author: Joseph BARDSLEY, Genre: , Total Page: 55, Publisher: , ISBN: BL:A0019436352

Author: William Cooke, Genre: Absolution, Total Page: 119, Publisher: , ISBN: OXFORD:600090848