Author: Christos Gage, Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels, Total Page: , Publisher: Avatar Press, ISBN: PKEY:Absolution3

CHRISTOS GAGE has redefined vigilante fiction with his hard boiled crime noir style and violent superhuman action. The Urban Legend is dead. Happy Kitty is MIA. And John Dusk is broken. The Polymath is an unstoppable bloodthirsty maniac and no one can take him down. But when John Dusk proclaims a crime ridden neighborhood under his protection he does more than clean up the streets. He calls a murdering madman out…

Author: Anthony SPARROW (successively Bishop of Exeter and of Norwich.), Genre: , Total Page: 32, Publisher: , ISBN: BL:A0021419553

Author: Piper Davenport, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 216, Publisher: Trixie Publishing, Inc., ISBN:

18+ for language and sexual content! Carter ‘Ace’ Quinn has spent his life running from the rage caused by a broken heart. After several tours in the Air Force, and continued missions as a para-jumper, he spends his down time within the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club. Cassidy Dennis is living with a choice she made years ago that lost her the love of her life but gained her something more precious. However, she misses her best friend and longs for the love they’d been building. When a chance meeting brings the two together, will they put aside their hurts and forgive each other? Will the jealousies of outsiders force the two apart?

Author: Edward Bouverie Pusey, Genre: Absolution, Total Page: 114, Publisher: , ISBN: BL:A0020044419

Author: John Walter LEA, Genre: Absolution, Total Page: 78, Publisher: , ISBN: BL:A0019123494

Author: Anthony Sparrow, Genre: Confession, Total Page: 20, Publisher: , ISBN: OXFORD:N11704968

Author: William Maskell, Genre: Absolution, Total Page: 299, Publisher: , ISBN: NYPL:33433068274202

Author: Frank Edward Brightman, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015024180534

Author: K. L. Kreig, Genre: , Total Page: 482, Publisher: , ISBN: 1943443084

Demons. Regrets. Absolution. Luke has lived on the wrong side of the law since he was seventeen. His hands are stained and his soul is black, but the worst sin he's committed is falling in love with his brother's girl. Then he met her. Addy Monroe is pure, innocent and stubborn as an ox. Even though he doesn't deserve her, Luke will stop at nothing to have her. But just when happiness is within his grasp fate rips her away, reminding him once again that there is no absolution for sinners. Will Luke be able to let color fill his blackened soul? From the first time Addy saw Luke Colloway over ten years ago she wanted him. Addy has been attracted to rough, crude, inked bad boys with a bike planted securely between their thighs and wicked promises falling from their lips her entire life. Every one of them has let her down. Every one of them has broken her heart. Every one of them has put her second. She's never going to let that happen again. When Luke promises her a future, will Addy let him in only to have her heart broken again? Book 3 in a 4 book series. Each book features a different brother and each can be read as a STANDALONE. To get the full Colloway Brother experience, however, it's most enjoyable to read in order. ***Mature readers only, 18+. Features alpha men with foul language and penchant for hot sex.

Author: Rye Brewer, Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Total Page: 250, Publisher: , ISBN:

ook Three in the League of Vampires Series. This series is best read in order. Ancient enemies, newfound coalitions. Anissa’s not about to take Jonah’s decision to face his enemies alone. This former slayer isn’t your average sit on the sidelines kind of girl. New heroes, not so new archenemies. Fane wants forgiveness and allegiance, but not at the cost of the ones he loves most. Certainly, not at the expense of an new soul that is joining his cadre. Needs rarely line up with wants. Philippa’s feelings for Vance won’t be the end of her, but will they be the end of a loved one?