Author: Sebastian Gorka, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 256, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781621575276

Now a New York Times bestseller! America is at war. The fight against global jihad has cost 7,000 American lives and almost $2 trillion, and yet, most Americans do not understand what is at stake. The public lacks knowledge and safety because two presidents and their administrations neglected the most basic strategic question: who is the enemy? Presidents Bush and Obama both named the global jihadi movement—a movement with an intent to destroy the West—“violent extremism.” Their tidy term was an attempt to maintain peace with the Muslim community. But when they failed to appropriately name the enemy, they failed to fully understand Islamic extremism. This failure is why the U.S. has been in Afghanistan for sixteen years with no end in sight. But this war is eminently winnable if we remove our ideological blinders, accurately name our enemy, and draw up a strategy to defeat the ideas that inspire terrorism. So says Dr. Sebastian Gorka, one of the most experienced and sought-after authorities on counterterrorism. Dr. Gorka has been one of the intelligence community’s go-to experts on counterterrorism since 9/11. He’s been called to brief Congress and the Marine Corps and was asked to analyze the Patriot’s Day Boston Marathon Bombing for the US government. Dr. Gorka’s report for the trial of Dzhokhar "Jahar" Tsarnaev was widely circulated in counterterrorism circles and the media because it accurately painted a picture, not of a teenager on the cover of Rolling Stone, but of a terrorist. Dr. Gorka is respected by peers because he understands our enemy is not "terror" or "violent extremism." Our enemy is the global jihadi movement, a modern totalitarian ideology rooted in the doctrines and martial history of Islam whose goals are to build an empire, suppress “false Muslims,” and engage in guerilla warfare against infidels. Taking his cue from the formerly top-secret analyses that shaped the U.S. response to the communist threat, Dr. Gorka has produced a compelling profile of the jihadi movement—its mind and motivation—and a plan to defeat it.

Author: Mohammad Babantaj, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 658, Publisher: Xlibris Corporation, ISBN: 9781664172340

The novel Defeated Muslim Jihad is based on the realities and living in our century when human beings die in captivity of religion and under the shoes of clerics of religions and sects. And they do not pass over any human being, prophets, or God, and they sacrifice the world and humans and humanity for their souls and desires in order to achieve their evil gratification. In order to reach Satan and rely on the seat of Satan’s power and place his crown on their heads and take the power over the world, not only do they sacrifice human beings for their aspirations, but even sacrifice God and prophets for their satanic aspirations and souls behind the stronghold of religion and in the clothes of the prophets.

Author: William Kilpatrick, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 256, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781621576075

A book to challenge the status quo, spark a debate, and get people talking about the issues and questions we face as a country!

Author: Patrick Bascio, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 256, Publisher: Branden Books, ISBN: 9780828321525

This book addresses the difficult problem of defeating Is-lamic terrorism from a surprising and very effective vantage point. There are 59 million Muslims in Central Asia. They have experienced the threat of Wahhabi terrorism and have been able to contain it at the same time. The author calls on the U.S. Gov-ernment to ally itself with this part of the world. The people there, being Muslim, understand Islam from the inside and would be happy to help us in this global effort if their traditions and independence were respected. The author calls on the U.S. Government and its allies to both diplomatically and compas-sionately focus on this part of the world.

Author: Jamie Glazov, Genre: History, Total Page: 264, Publisher: Post Hill Press, ISBN: 9781642930085

Every element of the formula by which the psychopath subjugates his victim, the Islamic Supremacist likewise uses to ensnare and subjugate non-Muslims. And in the same way that the victim of the psychopath is complicit in his own destruction, Western civilization is now embracing and enabling its own conquest and consumption.

Author: Jonathan Matusitz, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 342, Publisher: Springer Nature, ISBN: 9783030470449

This book examines ten reasons for global jihad today. Specifically, the reasons are (1) radicalization, (2) group dynamics and socialization, (3) social alienation, (4) religious motivations, (5) legal motivations, (6) political motivations, (7) a Clash of Civilizations, (8) economic conditions, (9) transformative learning, and (10) outbidding and internal rifts. To investigate these points, all chapters include the historical background, specific case studies (both past and current), statistics, and theoretical approaches to the subject of global jihad. The main purpose of jihad is to achieve global domination—through any means, including violence—and establish the Caliphate. The Caliphate is a Muslim system of world government that seeks to establish a new world order by overthrowing the current order, effectively creating an all-encompassing Islamic state.

Author: Malcolm Lambert, Genre: History, Total Page: 265, Publisher: Profile Books, ISBN: 9781847659279

Malcolm Lambert investigates the histories of Christianity and Islam to trace the origins and development of crusade and jihad. In a narrative that brims with larger than life characters - among them, Richard Lionheart, Nur al-Din, Saladin, Baybars and Ghengiz Khan - he describes the fiercely fought struggles to control the sacred places of the Middle East between the seventh and thirteenth centuries. Crusade and jihad are often reckoned two sides of the same coin but this simple opposition, the author shows, conceals crucial differences and similarities. From the outset jihad reflected tensions within as much as outside Islam. Jihad also described the struggle between good and evil in the souls of believers. Calls for crusade and jihad disguised ambitions for power and plunder, but they also equally inspired acts of chivalry and heroism. Malcolm Lambert then moves to the more recent history of jihad and crusade. In nineteenth-century France he finds imperialism configured as a crusade to enlighten the barbarians. Meanwhile in Britain one of the crusading orders transformed itself into the St John Ambulance Brigade. More recently in the USA crusade has been evoked in the war on terror while jihad is now the rallying cry for Islamic extremists round the world. Yet, Dr Lambert notes, it still retains its peaceful spiritual dimension. Crusade and Jihad is a vivid, balanced account of two of the most powerful forces of history.

Author: Mark Silinsky, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 270, Publisher: Indiana University Press, ISBN: 9780253027207

U.S. Department of Defense analyst Mark Silinsky reveals the origins of the Islamic State's sinister obsession with the Western world. Once considered a minor irritant in the international system, the Caliphate is now a dynamic and significant actor on the worlds stage, boasting more than 30,000 foreign fighters from 86 countries. Recruits consist not only of Middle-Eastern-born citizens, but also a staggering number of "Blue-Eyed Jihadists," Westerners who leave their country to join the radical sect. Silinsky provides a detailed and chilling explanation of the appeal of the Islamic State and how those abroad become radicalized, while also analyzing the historical origins, inner workings, and horrific toll of the Caliphate. By documenting the true stories of men, women, and children whose lives have been destroyed by the radical group, Jihad and the West presents the human face of the thousands who have been kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered by the Islamic State, including Kayla Mueller, who was kidnapped, given to the Caliphates leader as a sex slave, and ultimately killed.

Author: Orlean Koehle, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 512, Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., ISBN: 9781644587386

Hard Questions This Book Answers What is causing the backward transformation that Europeans are experiencing, bringing parts of Europe back to almost the same state of terrorism and loss of freedom when they were once shackled under NAZI and Communist occupations? What has happened to Christianity in Europe? How many churches are now standing empty, being turned into museums or concert halls, or being sold as mosques? What has happened to the demographics of Europeans now in such decline? How soon will original Europeans no longer exist, replaced by the souring populations of Muslims? What is the true history of Islam and the ideology driving their acts of terrorism? Why is this being whitewashed in the media and in European and American public schools as the schools are promoting pure Islam propaganda? How is the USA following the same pattern set for us in Europe with their massive influx of immigrants and refugees? Who are the various secular and non-secular groups driving the refugee program, and how much money is being made by them? What are the huge numbers of immigrants and refugees doing to our own country? How are small town and communities and their schools suffering with such a huge influx of migrants who do not share a common culture, language, traditions, or religion? What can we learn from this book before it is too late?

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