Author: Paul A. Cohen, Genre: History, Total Page: 428, Publisher: Columbia University Press, ISBN: 0231106505

Part Two explores the thought, feelings, and behavior of the direct participants in the Boxer experience, individuals who, without a preconceived idea of the entire event, understood what was happening to them in a manner fundamentally different from historians.

Author: Boulou Ebanda de B’béri, Genre: History, Total Page: 234, Publisher: University of Toronto Press, ISBN: 9781442615335

Eschewing the often romanticized Underground Railroad narrative that portrays southern Ontario as the welcoming destination of Blacks fleeing from slavery, The Promised Land reveals the Chatham-Kent area as a crucial settlement site for an early Black presence in Canada. The contributors present the everyday lives and professional activities of individuals and families in these communities and highlight early cross-border activism to end slavery in the United States and to promote civil rights in the United States and Canada. Essays also reflect on the frequent intermingling of local Black, White, and First Nations people. Using a cultural studies framework for their collective investigations, the authors trace physical and intellectual trajectories of Blackness that have radiated from southern Ontario to other parts of Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa. The result is a collection that represents the presence and diffusion of Blackness and inventively challenges the grand narrative of history.

Author: United States Naval Academy, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: UIUC:30112105057449

Author: Helen J. Chatterjee, Genre: Art, Total Page: 244, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781317143406

The use of museum collections as a path to learning for university students is fast becoming a new pedagogy for higher education. Despite a strong tradition of using lectures as a way of delivering the curriculum, the positive benefits of ’active’ and ’experiential learning’ are being recognised in universities at both a strategic level and in daily teaching practice. As museum artefacts, specimens and art works are used to evoke, provoke, and challenge students’ engagement with their subject, so transformational learning can take place. This unique book presents the first comprehensive exploration of ’object-based learning’ as a pedagogy for higher education in a broad context. An international group of authors offer a spectrum of approaches at work in higher education today. They explore contemporary principles and practice of object-based learning in higher education, demonstrating the value of using collections in this context and considering the relationship between academic discipline and object-based learning as a teaching strategy.

Author: University of Michigan, Genre: Detroit (Mich.), Total Page: 888, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015071518800

Announcements for the following year included in some vols.

Author: United States Naval Academy, Genre: Naval education, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: IND:30000129946525

Author: Ted F. PetersMartinezHewlett, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 502, Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers, ISBN: 9781532606397

Astrotheology: Science and Theology Meet Extraterrestrial Life looks at both ends of the telescope: the unfathomable reaches of cosmic space and the excited stirrings within the human psyche. It takes a scientist to explain what we are looking at. It takes a theologian to understand who is doing the looking. This book's scientific authors update readers on astrobiology's search for extraterrestrial life. Theologians add to the science a theological analysis of the place of space in understanding God's creative work, the prospects of sharing God's creation with extraterrestrial neighbors, and the question of whether one or many incarnations are required for cosmic redemption. Finally, these scholars lay the foundations for an ethic of space exploration. This book introduces a comprehensive astrotheology with an accompanying astroethic.

Author: United States Naval Academy, Genre: Naval education, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: MINN:31951D03856636E

Author: Catherine Cornille, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 512, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 9781119572596

This comprehensive volume brings together a distinguished editorial team, including some of the field’s pioneers, to explore the aims, practice, and historical context of interfaith collaboration. Explores in full the background, history, objectives, and discourse between the leaders and practitioners of the world’s major religions Examines relations between religions from around the world, moving well beyond the common focus on Christianity, to also cover over 12 major religions Features a wealth of case studies on contemporary interreligious dialogue Charts a long-term shift away from a competitive rivalry between belief systems, and a change in focus towards the more respectful, cooperative approach reflected in institutions such as the World Council of Churches Includes up-to-date commentary on the growing dialogue of recent years, written by some of the leading figures working in the field of interfaith discourse

Author: , Genre: Medicine, Total Page: 1668, Publisher: , ISBN: OSU:32436011091137