Author: Nancy A. Hewitt, Genre: History, Total Page: 608, Publisher: Bedford Books, ISBN: 1319106404

Author: D. H. Montgomery, Genre: History, Total Page: 360, Publisher: Christian Liberty Press, ISBN: 1930092962

Author: Nancy A. Hewitt, Genre: History, Total Page: 704, Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education, ISBN: 9781457636042

Exploring American Histories offers an entirely new approach to teaching the U.S. survey that puts investigating sources and thinking about the many stories of American history right at the center of your course. The distinctive format integrates primary documents and a brief narrative into one cost-effective and easy-to-use volume. Available in a number of affordable print and digital options, the text is also integrated with LearningCurve, online quizzing that adapts to what your students need to learn and helps them come to class prepared.

Author: Tegan Kehoe, Genre: Health care reform, Total Page: 280, Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield, ISBN: 9781538135471

This full-color book tells the story of American healthcare history through color photographs of real objects from museums and both famous and little-known medical discoveries.

Author: Nancy A. Hewitt, Genre: History, Total Page: 656, Publisher: Bedford, ISBN: 1319106420

Exploring American Histories opens an entirely new window into the many histories of the nation's past. It integrates an unprecedented number of primary and secondary sources--both written and visual--in a unique building blocks approach that enables students to hone their analysis skills while they actively learn the fundamental concepts of American history. By weaving sources into the story and culminating in multi-source projects organized around a single topic at the end of each chapter, the book brings history to life while helping students understand how sources form the basis of historical narratives and how to think critically about them. Available for free when packaged with the print book, the popular digital assignment and assessment options for this text bring skill building and assessment to a more highly effective level. The greatest active learning options come in LaunchPad, which combines an accessible e-book with LearningCurve, an adaptive and automatically graded learning tool that--when assigned--helps ensure students read the book; the complete companion reader with "Thinking through Sources" digital exercises that help students build arguments from those sources; and many other study and assessment tools. For instructors who want the most affordable way to ensure students come to class prepared, Achieve Read & Practice pairs LearningCurve adaptive quizzing and our mobile, accessible Value Edition ebook, in one easy-to-use product.?

Author: Ashley E Remer, Genre: , Total Page: 240, Publisher: , ISBN: 9781538120903

Who are the girls that helped build America? Conventional history books shed little light on the influence and impact of girls' contributions to society and culture. This oversight is challenged by Girl Museum and their team, who give voices to the most neglected, yet profoundly impactful, historical narratives of American history: young girls. Exploring American Girls' History through 50 Historic Treasures showcases girls and their experiences through the lens of place and material culture. Discover how the objects and sites that girls left behind tell stories about America that you have never heard before. Readers will journey from the first peoples who called the continent home, to 21st century struggles for civil rights, becoming immersed in stories that show how the local impacts the global and vice versa, as told by the girls who built America. Their stories, dreams, struggles, and triumphs are the centerpiece of the nation's story as never before, helping to define both the struggle and meaning of being "American." This full-color book is a must-read for those who yearn for more balanced representation in historic narratives, as well as an inspiration to young people, showing them that everyone makes history. It includes color photographs of all the treasured objects explored.

Author: Patricia J. Wynne, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 30, Publisher: Courier Corporation, ISBN: 9780486437149

Illustrations to color and easy-to-follow text introduce children to twenty-three items found in the American Museum of Natural History's permanent collection.

Author: Ray Notgrass, Genre: History, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: 1609990676

Author: Lars Johnson, Genre: History, Total Page: 11, Publisher: Christian Liberty Press, ISBN: 1930092970

Author: , Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: 1578617154

The Student Book has 9 chronological chapters from Early Years to A New Century. These follow a consistent format: Anticipatory Set, Vocabulary, History Stories, and Quiz. Twenty-five one-page biographies with corresponding comprehension exercises are also aligned to the curriculum's chronology. The simplified text is heavily illustrated and is intended to be read to the student, so there's no minimum reading level required. The curriculum emphasizes the use of important social study tools. Students study biographies and analyze videos to give perspective to the historical content.