Author: Alan D. McMillan, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 432, Publisher: D & M Publishers, ISBN: 9781926706849

First Peoples in Canada provides an overview of all the Aboriginal groups in Canada. Incorporating the latest research in anthropology, archaeology, ethnography and history, this new edition describes traditional ways of life, traces cultural changes that resulted from contacts with the Europeans, and examines the controversial issues of land claims and self-government that now affect Aboriginal societies. Most importantly, this generously illustrated edition incorporates a Nativist perspective in the analysis of Aboriginal cultures.

Author: Jean-Luc Pilon, Genre: Art, Total Page: 167, Publisher: University of Toronto Press, ISBN: 9781442626126

A catalogue of a travelling exhibition of 150 archaeological and ethnographic objects owned by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Author: Diane Silvey, Genre: Indians of North America, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: OCLC:1011718422

Author: Jonathan C. H. King, Genre: History, Total Page: 288, Publisher: Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674626540

From the Big-Game Hunters who appeared on the continent as far back as 12,000 years ago to the Inuits plying the Alaskan waters today, the Native peoples of North America produced a culture remarkable for its vibrancy, breadth, and diversity--and for its survival in the face of almost inconceivable trials. This book is at once a history of that culture and a celebration of its splendid variety. Rich in historical testimony and anecdotes and lavishly illustrated, it weaves a magnificent tapestry of Native American life reaching back to the earliest human records. A recognized expert in North American studies, Jonathan King interweaves his account with Native histories, from the arrival of the first Native Americans by way of what is now Alaska to their later encounters with Europeans on the continent's opposite coast, from their exchanges with fur traders to their confrontations with settlers and an ever more voracious American government. To illustrate this history, King draws on the extensive collections of the British Museum--artwork, clothing, tools, and artifacts that demonstrate the wealth of ancient traditions as well as the vitality of contemporary Native culture. These illustrations, all described in detail, form a pictorial document of relations between Europeans and Native American peoples--peoples as profoundly different and as deeply related as the Algonquians and the Iroquois, the Chumash of California and the Inuipat of Alaska, the Cree and the Cherokee--from their first contact to their complicated coexistence today.

Author: Colin G. Calloway, Genre: History, Total Page: , Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education, ISBN: 9781319120702

First Peoples was Bedford/St. Martin's first "docutext" - a textbook that features groups of primary source documents at the end of each chapter, essentially providing a reader in addition to the narrative textbook. Expertly authored by Colin G. Calloway, First Peoples has been praised for its inclusion of Native American sources and Calloway's concerted effort to weave Native perspectives throughout the narrative. First Peoples' distinctive approach continues to make it the bestselling and most highly acclaimed text for the American Indian history survey. Bedford Digital Collections for Native American History To give you more options for sources, we are offering five projects from the Bedford Digital Collections, bundled free with the purchase of a new text. This online repository of discovery-oriented projects offers both fresh and canonical sources ready to assign. Each curated project poses a historical question and guides students step by step through analysis of primary sources. Featuring: Pontiac's War, 1763-1765 Eric Hinderaker, University of Utah Building a Creek Nation: Reading the Letters of Alexander McGillivray Kathleen DuVal, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Debating Federal Indian Removal Policy in the 1830s John P. Bowes, Eastern Kentucky University Sand Creek: Battle or Massacre? Elliott West, University of Arkansas Fayetteville The Laguna Pueblo Baseball Game Controversy of the 1920s Flannery Burke, St. Louis University

Author: Olive Patricia Dickason, Genre: History, Total Page: 590, Publisher: Editorial Galaxia, ISBN: 0806124393

This history of Amerindian and Inuit experience from first arrival from Asia to the present day, uses and interdisciplinary approach to describe the various societies and cultures, their response to colonial pressure, and current attempts of preserve territories and traditional values.

Author: Nancy J. Turner, Genre: Botany, Economic, Total Page: 294, Publisher: , ISBN: STANFORD:36105007007896

Part 1: Coastal peoples.

Author: Nancy J. Turner, Genre: History, Total Page: 215, Publisher: Royal British Columbia Museum, ISBN: 0772658463

Nancy Turner describes more than 150 plants traditionally harvested and eaten by First Peoples east of the Coast Mountains in British Columbia and northern Washington. Each description includes information on where to find the plant and a discussion on traditional methods of harvesting and preparation.

Author: John Borrows, Genre: Business & Economics, Total Page: 332, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9781108493062

An exploration of economic rights afforded Indigenous peoples in international law and their diffusion to international trade and investment instruments.

Author: Tselxwéyeqw Tribe, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 304, Publisher: , ISBN: 1550178180

This impressive volume tells of the First Peoples of the area through vivid narratives from the past and present.