Author: Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 368, Publisher: Anchor, ISBN: 9780307773784

A delightful, well-written, and vastly informative ethnographic study, this is an account of Fernea's two-year stay in a tiny rural village in Iraq, where she assumed the dress and sheltered life of a harem woman. This volume gives a unique insight into a part of the Midddle Eastern life seldom seen by the West. "A most enjoyable book abouut [Muslim women]--simple, dignified, human, colorful, sad and humble as the life they lead." --Muhsin Mahdi, Jewett Professor of Arabic Literature, Harvard Unversity.

Author: Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 370, Publisher: , ISBN: 9780385014854

A delightful, well-written, and vastly informative ethnographic study, this is an account of Fernea's two-year stay in a tiny rural village in Iraq, where she assumed the dress and sheltered life of a harem woman.

Author: Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: OCLC:827008837

Author: Elizabeth Lennox, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: , Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox, ISBN: 9781950451517

She was the hired help. He was a powerful ruler! Andrea risked it all, and her life was devastated by her decisions. When the dust settled, Andi was left lonely, heartbroken and…pregnant! But she pulled herself together. Pregnancy and giving birth were terrifying to go through alone, but Andi was finally pulling herself through this challenging time in her life. And then he upended her world once again! Sheik Zahir had left the lovely Andi that morning, but he’d never meant to lose her forever! It had taken ten months to find her. By that point, it was critical that he save her from ruthless people who would hurt her in order to get to him. That’s when he discovered that she wasn’t alone – that she held his infant daughter in her arms! Can Zahir and Andi maneuver through this unexpected twist in their relationship? Or is she too hurt about his departure months ago to ever trust him again? This is the 3rd story in the Scandalous Sheiks series. I hope you enjoy this one as much as the previous two!

Author: Jillian Lauren, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 352, Publisher: Penguin, ISBN: 9781101404447

A jaw-dropping story of how a girl from the suburbs ends up in a prince's harem, and emerges from the secret Xanadu both richer and wiser At eighteen, Jillian Lauren was an NYU theater school dropout with a tip about an upcoming audition. The "casting director" told her that a rich businessman in Singapore would pay pretty American girls $20,000 if they stayed for two weeks to spice up his parties. Soon, Jillian was on a plane to Borneo, where she would spend the next eighteen months in the harem of Prince Jefri Bolkiah, youngest brother of the Sultan of Brunei, leaving behind her gritty East Village apartment for a palace with rugs laced with gold and trading her band of artist friends for a coterie of backstabbing beauties. More than just a sexy read set in an exotic land, Some Girls is also the story of how a rebellious teen found herself-and the courage to meet her birth mother and eventually adopt a baby boy.

Author: Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, Genre: History, Total Page: 366, Publisher: Anchor Books, ISBN: 0385171234

Beyond considering the history, religion, leadership, and current social trends in the Arab world, the authors closely examine the lives of its people to portray the realities of daily life in the Arab nations

Author: Katherine A. Dettwyler, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 208, Publisher: Waveland Press, ISBN: 9781478611585

One of the most widely used ethnographies published in the last twenty years, this Margaret Mead Award winner has been used as required reading at more than 600 colleges and universities. This personal account by a biocultural anthropologist illuminates not-soon-forgotten messages involving the sobering aspects of fieldwork among malnourished children in West Africa. With nutritional anthropology at its core, Dancing Skeletons presents informal, engaging, and oftentimes dramatic stories that relate the author’s experiences conducting research on infant feeding and health in Mali. Through fascinating vignettes and honest, vivid descriptions, Dettwyler explores such diverse topics as ethnocentrism, culture shock, population control, breastfeeding, child care, the meaning of disability and child death in different cultures, female circumcision, women’s roles in patrilineal societies, the dangers of fieldwork, and facing emotionally draining realities. Readers will laugh and cry as they meet the author’s friends and informants, follow her through a series of encounters with both peri-urban and rural Bambara culture, and struggle with her as she attempts to reconcile her very different roles as objective ethnographer, subjective friend, and mother in the field. The 20th Anniversary Edition includes a 13-page “Q&A with the Author” in which Dettwyler responds to typical questions she has received individually from students who have been assigned Dancing Skeletons as well as audience questions at lectures on various campuses. The new 23-page “Update on Mali, 2013” chapter is a factual update about economic and health conditions in Mali as well as a brief summary of the recent political unrest.

Author: Sharon Kendrick, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 192, Publisher: Harlequin, ISBN: 9781460386507

Summoned by the sheikh! Sheikh Saladin Al Mektala isn't used to being disobeyed. Incomprehensibly, the woman he summoned to help his favorite mare—the best horse "whisperer" in the world—turned his generous offer down! So he takes matters into his own hands. The snow is falling, the fire is roaring and the mince pies are in the oven when innocent Olivia Miller finds a darkly handsome and physically compelling man on her doorstep… The sheikh she dared to refuse is here to whisk her off to his kingdom—and this time he won't take no for an answer! A passionate read for Christmas nights!

Author: Audra Simpson, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 280, Publisher: Duke University Press, ISBN: 9780822376781

Mohawk Interruptus is a bold challenge to dominant thinking in the fields of Native studies and anthropology. Combining political theory with ethnographic research among the Mohawks of Kahnawà:ke, a reserve community in what is now southwestern Quebec, Audra Simpson examines their struggles to articulate and maintain political sovereignty through centuries of settler colonialism. The Kahnawà:ke Mohawks are part of the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederacy. Like many Iroquois peoples, they insist on the integrity of Haudenosaunee governance and refuse American or Canadian citizenship. Audra Simpson thinks through this politics of refusal, which stands in stark contrast to the politics of cultural recognition. Tracing the implications of refusal, Simpson argues that one sovereign political order can exist nested within a sovereign state, albeit with enormous tension around issues of jurisdiction and legitimacy. Finally, Simpson critiques anthropologists and political scientists, whom, she argues, have too readily accepted the assumption that the colonial project is complete. Belying that notion, Mohawk Interruptus calls for and demonstrates more robust and evenhanded forms of inquiry into indigenous politics in the teeth of settler governance.

Author: Pardis Mahdavi, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 336, Publisher: Stanford University Press, ISBN: 9780804758567

Investigates the emerging, new sexual culture of Iranian youth, in which sexuality represents freedom and engaging in sex can be considered political activism.