Author: Scott Hahn, Genre: , Total Page: 176, Publisher: , ISBN: 1645850307

As Catholics, we believe in the resurrection of the body. We profess it in our creed. We're taught that to bury and pray for the dead are corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We honor the dead in our Liturgy through the Rite of Christian burial. We do all of this, and more, because when Jesus Christ took on flesh for the salvation of our souls he also bestowed great dignity on our bodies. In Hope to Die: The Christian Meaning of Death and the Resurrection of the Body, Scott Hahn explores the significance of death and burial from a Catholic perspective. The promise of the bodily resurrection brings into focus the need for the dignified care of our bodies at the hour of death. Unpacking both Scripture and Catholic teaching, Hope to Die reminds us that we are destined for glorification on the last day. Our bodies have been made by a God who loves us. Even in death, those bodies point to the mystery of our salvation.

Author: James Patterson, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 400, Publisher: Little, Brown, ISBN: 9780316210942

Detective Alex Cross is being stalked by a psychotic genius, forced to play the deadliest game of his career. Cross's family-his loving wife Bree, the wise and lively Nana Mama, and his precious children-have been ripped away. Terrified and desperate, Cross must give this mad man what he wants if he has any chance of saving the most important people in his life. The stakes have never been higher: What will Cross sacrifice to save the ones he loves? Widely praised by the greatest crime and thriller writers of our time, Cross My Heart set a jaw-dropping story in motion. Hope to Diepropels Alex Cross's greatest challenge to its astonishing finish, proving why Jeffery Deaver says "nobody does it better" than James Patterson.

Author: Sara Shepard, Genre: Famiy secrets, Total Page: 321, Publisher: , ISBN: 1484419979

Ever since Sutton Mercer's murderer tricked her long-lost twin, Emma, into coming to Tucson, Emma has been trying to solve the mystery of Sutton's death. And now someone else is back in town--Becky, Sutton and Emma's birth mother. As Emma gets closer to discovering what exactly happened the night Sutton was killed, she learns that Becky isn't all that she seems.

Author: Melissa Ford, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 253, Publisher: Tate Publishing, ISBN: 9781615666690

Taylor and Jessica are best friends that have almost everything in common--including life-threatening illnesses. The one difference is, Jessica's is voluntary. Jessica Anderson has everything: a close-knit group of friends, parents who love her, and a size two waist. There is nothing more to life at the age of fifteen. But it isn't enough. Jessica can't find the acceptance she needs. Tormented by an eating disorder she won't acknowledge, Jessica keeps the smile on, relying heavily on Taylor for the love and support to continue living. But Taylor has devastating news: her leukemia is back. With her mask slipping and her best friend beyond her help, Jessica makes a promise she doesn't know if she can keep.

Author: Lawrence Block, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 352, Publisher: Hachette UK, ISBN: 9781409130109

The fifteenth Matt Scudder mystery from NEW YORK TIMES bestseller Lawrence Block. Byrne and Susan Hollander stroll home from a concert on a fine summer's evening in New York. Some hours later, their daughter Kristin arrives home to discover her parents brutally killed and the house ransacked. She also finds she is now a very young millionaire. A few days later the police trace the two killers to an apartment in Coney Island, and both are dead. One killed the other before turning the gun on himself - at least that's the way it looks. So that's another case solved. But for Matt Scudder it's only the beginning. The more he looks into it, the more things look wrong to him. There's a murderer out there, and he's just getting started. Pitted in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Scudder is up against the most resourceful and diabolical killer of his career.

Author: Paul Albano, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 278, Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc, ISBN: 9781647015275

Con artist Jimmy Ford has coerced, stolen, and cheated. Now, in the aftermath of an unspeakable chain of events, Jimmy lands in Naples, Italy, to clear his conscience and dismiss the poisonous notion of inevitable misery from his life. He seeks the help from his cousin Nina, who resides in Naples, all while keeping the truth of what really brought him to Italy away from Nina for as long as possible. But past lives are difficult to forget, and old tricks are even harder to dispose of as Jimmy accidentally witnesses a brutal act committed by the local mafia, the Camorra. Aiding him through his initial struggle of what to do next is Arianna, a woman who is a prisoner of a failing relationship and whose life ambition is to find happiness and beauty. It is only when Jimmy decides to use his con artist tactics on the Camorra do both he and Arianna try to discover a lost hope in their respective lives. What stands in their way of success are past mistakes, which pull along familiar friends and foes as Arianna and Nina inadvertently get tangled into Jimmy’s greatest web of lies and deceit in order to not only save himself but his new love and old. Hope Is the Last to Die shines a unique perspective on the Neapolitan saying “La speranza è l’ultima a morire” as this crime thriller examines how one man attempts to battle fate while taken on a journey through the past, along the present, and into the future of a protagonist the literary world has not seen since Jay Gatsby and a conclusion that will leave readers utterly shocked.

Author: James Patterson, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 448, Publisher: Little, Brown, ISBN: 9780316210928

The stakes are higher than ever for Alex Cross as he faces his most personal enemy yet: a criminal who threatens his family. Detective Alex Cross is a family man at heart: nothing matters more to him than his children, his grandmother, and his wife Bree. His love of his family is his anchor, and gives him the strength to confront evil in his work. One man knows this deeply, and uses Alex's strength as a weapon against him in the most unsettling and unexpected novel of James Patterson's career. When the ones Cross loves are in danger, he will do anything to protect them. But if he does anything to protect them, they will die. Cross My Heart is the most powerful Alex Cross novel ever, propelled by the ever-ingenious mind of James Patterson, the world's #1 bestselling writer.

Author: Nancy Martin, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 275, Publisher: Penguin, ISBN: 045121532X

When her boss is found bound in pantyhose and shot execution style, Nora Blackbird launches an investigation that brings her face to face with some of the most glamorous suspects in the City of Brotherly Love. Reprint.

Author: David Jackson, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 400, Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd., ISBN: 9781785761096

CROSS YOUR HEART AND . . . HOPE TO DIE A gripping serial killer thriller, perfect for fans of Mark Billingham, Peter James and M. J. Arlidge. There was a hate in this killer. A thirst for obliteration rather than a mere desire to end a life . . . A brutal murder takes place in the grounds of a Liverpool cathedral. A killer is on the loose, driven by a chilling rage. The victim: the last person you'd expect to be subjected to such terrible violence. Can DS Nathan Cody crack the case before another innocent is chosen? ----- PRAISE FOR DAVID JACKSON 'Recalls Harlan Coben though for my money Jackson is the better writer' Guardian 'Cody is up there with the best in every sense . . . A thrilling series opener' Weekend Sport 'A harrowing page-turner from a writer who seems to know your darkest fears. Terrific!' David Mark 'One heck of a story' Joanna Cannon, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Trouble with Goats and Sheep 'Very slick and very clever' Mel Sherratt

Author: Sarah J. Robinson, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 257, Publisher: WaterBrook, ISBN: 9780593193532

A compassionate, shame-free guide for your darkest days “A one-of-a-kind book . . . to read for yourself or give to a struggling friend or loved one without the fear that depression and suicidal thoughts will be minimized, medicalized or over-spiritualized.”—Kay Warren, cofounder of Saddleback Church What happens when loving Jesus doesn’t cure you of depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts? You might be crushed by shame over your mental illness, only to be told by well-meaning Christians to “choose joy” and “pray more.” So you beg God to take away the pain, but nothing eases the ache inside. As darkness lingers and color drains from your world, you’re left wondering if God has abandoned you. You just want a way out. But there’s hope. In I Love Jesus, But I Want to Die, Sarah J. Robinson offers a healthy, practical, and shame-free guide for Christians struggling with mental illness. With unflinching honesty, Sarah shares her story of battling depression and fighting to stay alive despite toxic theology that made her afraid to seek help outside the church. Pairing her own story with scriptural insights, mental health research, and simple practices, Sarah helps you reconnect with the God who is present in our deepest anguish and discover that you are worth everything it takes to get better. Beautifully written and full of hard-won wisdom, I Love Jesus, But I Want to Die offers a path toward a rich, hope-filled life in Christ, even when healing doesn’t look like what you expect.