Author: Michael T. Snarr, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 361, Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub, ISBN: 1588265595

Synopsis: Sixteen American scholars explore several of the most pressing global issues and demonstrate how strongly the issues are interconnected. Each chapter provides an analytical overview of the issue discussed, identifies the central actors and perspectives, and outlines past progress and future prospects. The second edition includes updated and expanded coverage since publication of the first edition five years ago, plus a new chapter on the global environment addressing issues of biodiversity and the global commons.-Book News.

Author: John L. Seitz, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 275, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 9780470655641

Extensively revised and updated, the new Fourth Edition of Global Issues: An Introduction offers a unique approach to the most important environmental, economic, social, and political concerns of modern life. Revised and updated to reflect the latest global developments Examines the most important environmental, economic, social, and political concerns of modern life The only book of its kind to use the concept of development to illustrate how different global issues are interrelated Includes a new section on nuclear energy Chapter boxes examine ways that individuals can have a positive impact on the issues examined within the text Key features include a glossary of terms; guides to further reading, media, and Internet resources; and suggestions for discussing and studying the material

Author: Vinay Kumar Bhargava, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 456, Publisher: World Bank Publications, ISBN: 9780821367322

Written by 27 World Bank experts, this book draws on the Bank's unique global capabilities and experience to promote an understanding of key global issues that cannot be solved by any one nation alone in an increasingly interconnected world. It describes the forces that are shaping public and private action to address these issues and highlights the Bank's own work in these areas. Covering four broad themes (global economy, global human development, global environment, and global governance), this comprehensive volume provides an introduction to today's most pressing global issues -- from pove.

Author: Kristen A. Hite, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 360, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 9781118968857

"Offers a dynamic and accessible narrative with many student-friendly features, such as chapter boxes, a glossary of terms, guides to further reading, media and Internet resources"--

Author: Nick Middleton, Genre: Nature, Total Page: 640, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781134051038

The Global Casino is an introduction to environmental issues which deals both with the workings of the physical environment and the political, economic and social frameworks in which the issues occur. Using examples from all over the world, the book highlights the underlying causes behind environmental problems, the human actions which have made them issues, and the hopes for solutions. It is a book about the human impact on the environment and the ways in which the natural environment impacts human society. The fifth edition has been fully revised and updated throughout, with new case studies, figures, and online resources such as downloadable figures and tables from the text and multiple choice questions for students, accessible at: New topics covered in extended boxed case studies include payment for environmental services, ocean acidification, biofuels in Brazil, waste reduction through industrial symbiosis, and the long-term impact of natural disasters on vulnerable groups. Other approaches and concepts covered for the first time in this new edition include traditional ecological knowledge, environmental justice, the ‘resource curse’, and urban biodiversity. Eighteen chapters on key issues follow three initial chapters which outline the background contexts of the physical and human environments and the concept of sustainable development. Each chapter provides historical context for key issues, outlines why they have arisen, and highlights areas of controversy and uncertainty to appraise how issues can be resolved both technically and in political and economic frameworks. Each chapter also contains an updated critical guide to further reading and websites, as well as discussion points and essay questions. The text can be read in its entirety or individual chapters adopted as standalone reading. The Global Casino is an essential resource for students of the environment, geography, earth sciences and development studies. It provides comprehensive and inspirational coverage of all the major global environmental issues of the day in a style that is clear and critical.

Author: Richard W. Mansbach, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 602, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781136517372

Fully revised and updated, the second edition of Introduction to Global Politics places an increased emphasis on the themes of continuity and change. It continues to explain global politics using an historical approach, firmly linking history with the events of today. By integrating theory and political practice at individual, state, and global levels, students are introduced to key developments in global politics, helping them make sense of major trends that are shaping our world. This is a highly illustrated textbook with informative and interactive boxed material throughout. Chapter opening timelines contextualise the material that follows, and definitions of key terms are provided in a glossary at the end of the book. Every chapter ends with student activities, cultural materials, and annotated suggestions for further reading that now include websites. Key updates for this edition: New chapter on 'The causes of war and the changing nature of violence in global politics' New chapter on 'Technology and global politics' Enhanced coverage of theory including post-positivist theories Uses ‘levels of analysis’ framework throughout the text New material on the financial crisis, BRIC and Iran Introduction to Global Politics continues to be essential reading for students of political science, global politics and international relations.

Author: Peter Muennig, Genre: Medical, Total Page: 400, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 9781118233993

Introducing Global Health: Practice, Policy, andSolutions is a contemporary overview of the major issues inglobal public health. The book explores how population health mightbe maximized with the right blend of health system, education,antipoverty, infectious disease, urban development, governance, andincentive-based policies. It covers topics critical forunderstanding the state of the world today, including wars fornatural resources, the missing women phenomenon, and whether globalaid really works. The book's case studies focus on developingeconomies, mixed economies, and new emerging superpowers. Thematicchapters are interwoven with running motifs, such as the healthrisks and benefits associated with different totalitarian,capitalist, and market socialist economies. Moving beyondstatistics, the book represents a major innovation in the teachingof global health by presenting technical concepts including theincidence and prevalence of disease within the context of moreaccessible topics such as global poverty. This helps studentscontextualize otherwise challenging but critical concepts, such asthe burden of infectious disease. By encouraging reflection, focusing on what works, and usingactivities and exercises, Introducing Global Health bothteaches fundamentals of global public health and cultivates apolicy perspective that is appealing and compelling for today'sstudents.

Author: Shawn C. Smallman, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 376, Publisher: UNC Press Books, ISBN: 9781469660004

Shawn C. Smallman and Kimberley Brown's popular introductory textbook for undergraduates in international and global studies is now released in a substantially revised and updated third edition. Encompassing the latest scholarship in what has become a markedly interdisciplinary endeavor and an increasingly chosen undergraduate major, the book introduces key concepts, themes, and issues and then examines each in lively chapters on essential topics, including the history of globalization; economic, political, and cultural globalization; security, energy, and development; health; agriculture and food; and the environment. Within these topics the authors explore such diverse and pressing subjects as commodity chains, labor (including present-day slavery), pandemics, human rights, and multinational corporations and the connections among them. This textbook, used successfully in both traditional and online courses, provides the newest and most crucial information needed for understanding our rapidly changing world. New to this edition: *Close to 50% new material *New illustrations, maps, and tables *New and expanded emphases on political and economic globalization and populism; health; climate change, and development *Extensively revised exercises and activities *New resume-writing exercise in careers chapter *Thoroughly revised online teacher's manual

Author: Lewis A. Owen, Genre: Science, Total Page: 112, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781135863159

An Introduction to Global Environmental Issues presents a comprehensive stimulating introduction to the key environmental issues presently threatening our global environment. Offering an authoritative introduction to the key topics, a source of latest environmental information, and an innovative stimulus for debate, this is an essential book for all those studying or concerned with global environmental issues. In this second edition, the most topical global environmental issues are brought more clearly into focus. Explanations of the evolution of the earth's natural systems (hydrosphere, biosphere, geosphere, ecosphere) provide the essential understanding of the scientific concepts, processes and historical background behind key environmental issues. Contemporary socio-economic, cultural and political considerations are explored and important conceptual approaches such as Gaian hypotheses and Chaos Theory are introduced. Human impact and management of the natural environment, and concerns for maintaining biodiversity are emphasised throughout. Specific features include: * Case studies drawn from across the world * Superb illustrations: 4-colour plate sections; a wealth of informative diagrams * Glossary of key terms, with key concepts highlighted throughout the text * Annotated guides to Further Reading * Chapter summaries and key points A new Instructors' Manual is available to accompany the text

Author: Nicola Galloway, Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines, Total Page: 292, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781317560692

Introducing Global Englishes provides comprehensive coverage of relevant research in the fields of World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca, and English as an International Language. The book introduces students to the current sociolinguistic uses of the English language, using a range of engaging and accessible examples from newspapers (Observer, Independent, Wall Street Journal), advertisements, and television shows. The book: Explains key concepts connected to the historical and contemporary spread of English. Explores the social, economic, educational, and political implications of English’s rise as a world language. Includes comprehensive classroom-based activities, case studies, research tasks, assessment prompts, and extensive online resources. Introducing Global Englishes is essential reading for students coming to this subject for the first time.