Author: Michael Ayers, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: 704, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781135196158

Locke was originally published in two volumes, Epistemology and Ontology. This paperback edition has within its covers the full text of both volumes.

Author: E. Jonathan Lowe, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: 248, Publisher: Psychology Press, ISBN: 0415283485

In this superb introduction to Locke's thought, EJ Lowe covers all the major aspects of his philosophy. He concentrates on introducing and assessing Locke in a contemporary philosophical setting, explaining why he is so important today.

Author: John Locke, Genre: History, Total Page: 409, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0521478618

A most comprehensive collection of John Locke's essays on politics and society.

Author: John W. Yolton, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: 350, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0521212820

John Yolton seeks to allow readers of Locke to have accessible in one volume sections from a wide range of Locke's books, structured so that some of the interconnections of his thought can be seen and traced. Although Locke did not write from a system of philosophy, he did have in mind an overall division of human knowledge. The readings begin with Locke's essay on Hermeneutics and the portions of his Essay Concerning Human Understanding on how to read a text. The reset of the selections are organized around Locke's division of human knowledge into natural science, ethics, and the theory of signs. Yolton's introduction and commentary explicate Locke's doctrines and provide the reader with the general background knowledge of other seventeenth-century writers and their works necessary to an understanding of Locke and his time.

Author: Sarah Hutton, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: 290, Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media, ISBN: 9781402083259

John Cottingham In the anglophone philosophical world, there has, for some time, been a curious relationship between the history of philosophy and contemporary philosophical - quiry. Many philosophers working today virtually ignore the history of their s- ject, apparently regarding it as an antiquarian pursuit with little relevance to their “cutting-edge” research. Conversely, there are historians of philosophy who seldom if ever concern themselves with the intricate technical debates that ll the journals devoted to modern analytic philosophy. Both sides are surely the poorer for this strange bifurcation. For philosophy, like all parts of our intellectual culture, did not come into existence out of nowhere, but was shaped and nurtured by a long tradition; in uncovering the roots of that tradition we begin see current philoso- ical problems in a broader context and thereby enrich our understanding of their signi cance. This is surely part of the justi cation for the practice, in almost every university, of including elements from the history of philosophy as a basic part of the undergraduate curriculum. But understanding is enriched by looking forwards as well as backwards, which is why a good historian of philosophy will not just be c- cerned with uncovering ancient ideas, but will be constantly alert to how those ideas pre gure and anticipate later developments.

Author: Nathan Tarcov, Genre: Education, Total Page: 272, Publisher: Lexington Books, ISBN: 0739100858

Locke's Education for Liberty presents an analysis of the crucial but often underestimated place of education and the family within Lockean liberalism. Nathan Tarcov shows that Locke's neglected work Some Thoughts Concerning Education compares with Plato's Republic and Rousseau's Emile as a treatise on education embodying a comprehensive vision of moral and social life. Locke believed that the family can be the agency, not the enemy, of individual liberty and equality. Tarcov's superb reevaluation reveals to the modern reader a breadth and unity heretofore unrecognized in Locke's thought.

Author: Henry Richard Fox Bourne, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015004990167

Author: Matthew Stuart, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: 592, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 9781118328798

This collection of 28 original essays examines the diverse scopeof John Locke’s contributions as a celebrated philosopher,empiricist, and father of modern political theory. Explores the impact of Locke’s thought and writing acrossa range of fields including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophyof science, political theory, education, religion, andeconomics Delves into the most important Lockean topics, such as innateideas, perception, natural kinds, free will, natural rights,religious toleration, and political liberalism Identifies the political, philosophical, and religious contextsin which Locke’s views developed, with perspectives fromtoday’s leading philosophers and scholars Offers an unprecedented reference of Locke’scontributions and his continued influence

Author: W. Uzgalis, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: 141, Publisher: A&C Black, ISBN: 9780826490322

John Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding is a classic text, which laid out the basic principles of the Empiricism that was to characterise British Philosophy for centuries to come. This work explains the philosophical background against which the book was written and the key themes inherent in the text.

Author: John R. Milton, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: 533, Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited, ISBN: STANFORD:36105028610710

This is part of a series which aims to make available essays in the history of philosophy. The book presents a collection of essays which explore John Locke's moral, political and legal philosophy.