Author: Miley Cyrus, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 272, Publisher: Hyperion, ISBN: 1423119924

“There are multiple sides to all of us. Who we are and who we might be if we follow our dreams.” -Miley Cyrus Three years ago, Miley Cyrus was a virtual unknown. Her life in rural Tennessee was filled with family, friends, school, cheerleading, and the daily tasks of living on a farm. And then came a little show called Hannah Montana. Almost overnight, Miley would rocket to superstardom, becoming a television and singing phenomenon. Quiet days were replaced with sold-out concerts, television appearances, and magazine shoots. But through it all, Miley has remained close to her family and friends and has stayed connected to the Southern roots that made her so strong. In Miles to Go, Miley offers an honest, humorous, and often touching story of one girl's coming-of-age--from private moments with her pappy to off-roading with her dad, Billy Ray, to her run-ins with mean girls. Miley talks about suffering through drama and heartbreak and coming out the other end unscathed (relatively). And now for the first time, she will discuss it all—the milestones still left to reach (driver’s license! voting!), dreams to live out (travel to Asia! find true love!), and the lessons to be learned (remembernig to enjoy every moment!). This is a truly unique look inside the world of one of today’s biggest and brightest stars as she tackles looking back and moving forward.

Author: Brian Tracy, Genre: Business & Economics, Total Page: 292, Publisher: , ISBN: 1891984993

Business, like any adventure, begins with a leap into the unknown Brian Tracy's first dream was of a journey. Not a leisurely drive to the beach or a weekend campout-a wide open adventure that would take him 17,000 miles from his home on Canada's Pacific Coast all the way to South Africa. His journey- a harrowing series of false starts, long days, and narrow escapes- taught him about "becoming unstoppable," not only in pursuing adventure but in daily life and business as well. The road to business success is just as exciting and dangerous and rewarding as a trek across the Sahara. Succeeding-sometimes even surviving-requires vision, courage, persistence, and the willingness to accept responsibility for your own actions. In the end, Brian's arduous trek changed his life- and his way of thinking about life and business.

Author: Jocelyne Saucier, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: , Publisher: Coach House Books, ISBN: 9781770566644

Smart, raunchy poems that are sorry-not-sorry. “Sticky, sad, and sultry, Exhibitionist is a merry-go-round circling back to the tender, awkward parts of ourselves. Molly Cross-Blanchard allows her poems to ask the reader out for ice cream, to fart at a dinner party, to sprawl out on a chaise lounge, stare through a dusty skylight and whisper that they think they may love you. And that love will be unmistakably mutual.” — Mallory Tater, author of The Birth Yard and This Will Be Good “Multiple orgasms appear in the first line of the first poem in Exhibitionist. Multiple orgasms, as a relative image or a practice, elicit everything from mystical worship to moral panic. Molly Cross-Blanchard understands this diametric power. She nods to this power with countless crisp and explicit images throughout her debut collection. Read her poems first to marvel at the well-crafted voicing of sexuality. Read a second time to appreciate Cross-Blanchard’s beautiful charge of juxtaposition. Again and again, she places the erotic beside mundane so that both are transformed — a dirty basement carpet becomes the backdrop of profound intimacy and gas station coffee acts as a symbol of self-discovery.” –Amber Dawn, author of My Art is Killing Me and Sodom Road Exit One minute she’s drying her underwear on the corner of your mirror, the next she’s asking the sky to swallow her up: the narrator of Exhibitionist oscillates between a complete rejection of shame and the consuming heaviness of it. Painfully funny, brutally honest, and alarmingly perceptive, Molly Cross-Blanchard’s poems use humour and pop culture as vehicles for empathy and sorry-not-sorry confessionalism. What this speaker wants more than anything is to be seen, to tell you the worst things about herself in hopes that you’ll still like her by the end.

Author: Beryl Young, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 224, Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co, ISBN: 9781772032659

Gold Medal Winner, 2019 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, Pre-Teen Fiction E-Book Finalist, 2019 Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People A powerful and poignant story of two young girls' friendship, family, loss, and loyalty, set in 1940s Saskatchewan. “Beryl Young's novel Miles to Go is sparse, poetic and, at times, perfectly heart wrenching. It subtly captures the coming of age of two young prairie girls. The beauty of this story is in the little things, the life things. In short: it’s wonderful.”—Arthur Slade, Governor General’s Award–winning author of Dust “This is a tender story about two friends dealing with tragic personal loss. Beryl Young captures a snapshot of small town life in the 1940s. Lovingly told, realistic, sad, and, like life, often very funny.”—Harriet Zaidman, teacher-librarian and writer, Winnipeg, Manitoba Miles to Go is the story of a friendship between two twelve-year-old girls in a small Saskatchewan town. In the spring of 1948, each girl faces a heavy personal loss and challenges that threaten their friendship. Through a hard few months the girls learn the meaning of loyalty and the value of keeping a promise. Loosely based on the author's own experiences of growing up in rural Saskatchewan, this book's timeless themes and authentic emotion will speak to young readers.

Author: Mistletoe Press, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 136, Publisher: Literature Quote Notebooks, ISBN: 1726842231

This 6 X9" paperback notebook features a line from what might be Robert Frost's most famous poem. This journal, with its glossy front and back cover, is a great tool for those who want to keep a lof of their favorite poems and quotes, or even to record their own thoughts. Interior includes plenty of blank, but lined, pages as well as additional quotes from Robert Frost. Plenty of room inside for writing! Type: paperback Pages: 130 Lined or unlined: lined

Author: Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 272, Publisher: Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674574400

The democratic senator reflects on the politics, economics, and social problems of the last sixty years, and describes why the Democratic party has seen its social programs reversed in recent years

Author: Jamie Harper, Genre: , Total Page: 32, Publisher: , ISBN: 1484406974

Neon-bright illustrations from the creator of "Miss Mingo and the First Day of School" depict a delightfully single-minded little driver sure to have readers clamoring to come along for the ride.

Author: Linda Barrett Osborne, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 128, Publisher: Abrams, ISBN: 9781613122068

DIVTold through unforgettable first-person accounts, photographs, and other primary sources, this book is an overview of racial segregation and early civil rights efforts in the United States from the 1890s to 1954, a period known as the Jim Crow years. Multiple perspectives are examined as the book looks at the impact of legal segregation and discrimination on the day-to-day life of black and white Americans across the country. Complete with a bibliography and an index, this book is an important addition to black history books for young readers. UPraise for Miles to Go for Freedom/uU /u*STARRED REVIEW*/divDIV“A detailed and thought-provoking account of segregation. A valuable and comprehensive perspective on American race relations.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review /divDIV/divDIV*STARRED REVIEW*/div“Readers will come away moved, saddened, troubled by this stain on their country’s past and filled with abiding respect for those who fought and overcame. Osborne expertly guides readers through this painful, turbulent time of segregation, enabling them to understand fully the victims’ struggles and triumphs as they worked courageously to set things right.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review *STARRED REVIEW* “The text is elegant and understated. Drawing on personal interviews, the author provides incidents of everyday racism that young people will be able to grasp and relate to immediately.” —School Library Journal, starred review "Tight, consistent focus, pristine organization, and eminently browsable illustrations make this middle-school offering a strong recommendation." —Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books "Osborne’s book is a well-written chronicle of the African-American struggle for equal rights in the United States. The reader will be quickly engaged." —Library Media Connection

Author: Chris Murphy, Genre: Music, Total Page: 250, Publisher: Da Capo Press, ISBN: 1560258195

"Miles to Go is an affectionate but brutally honest (and bound to be controversial) account about working and living with Miles Davis during the latter period of the jazz maestro's career." "Told by Chris Murphy, a young, down-on-his-luck, Irish-American guitarist who devoted himself to Miles Davis, first as his roadie and assistant, and then as one of his most trusted road managers, Miles to Go is a frank and intimate exploration of Davis's eccentric working life, drug habits, paranoia, depression, and subsequent recovery. It also deals with Davis's troubled relationship with his children and the controversial role Cicely Tyson played in his life." --Book Jacket.

Author: Richard Paul Evans, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 336, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781476718637

Continues the walking journey of Alan Christoffersen and recounts more of the experiences of betrayal and tragic loss that motivated his travels.