Author: George W. Bush, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 208, Publisher: Crown, ISBN: 9780593136973

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In this powerful new collection of oil paintings and stories, President George W. Bush spotlights the inspiring journeys of America’s immigrants and the contributions they make to the life and prosperity of our nation. The issue of immigration stirs intense emotions today, as it has throughout much of American history. But what gets lost in the debates about policy are the stories of immigrants themselves, the people who are drawn to America by its promise of economic opportunity and political and religious freedom—and who strengthen our nation in countless ways. In the tradition of Portraits of Courage, President Bush’s #1 New York Times bestseller, Out of Many, One brings together forty-three full-color portraits of men and women who have immigrated to the United States, alongside stirring stories of the unique ways all of them are pursuing the American Dream. Featuring men and women from thirty-five countries and nearly every region of the world, Out of Many, One shows how hard work, strong values, dreams, and determination know no borders or boundaries and how immigrants embody values that are often viewed as distinctly American: optimism and gratitude, a willingness to strive and to risk, a deep sense of patriotism, and a spirit of self-reliance that runs deep in our immigrant heritage. In these pages, we meet a North Korean refugee fighting for human rights, a Dallas-based CEO who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico at age seventeen, and a NASA engineer who as a girl in Nigeria dreamed of coming to America, along with notable figures from business, the military, sports, and entertainment. President Bush captures their faces and stories in striking detail, bringing depth to our understanding of who immigrants are, the challenges they face on their paths to citizenship, and the lessons they can teach us about our country’s character. As the stories unfold in this vibrant book, readers will gain a better appreciation for the humanity behind one of our most pressing policy issues and the countless ways in which America, through its tradition of welcoming newcomers, has been strengthened by those who have come here in search of a better life.

Author: John Mack Faragher, Genre: History, Total Page: 945, Publisher: Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0205011926

Out of Many is a coherent narrative of American history that offers insight into how diverse communities and different regions have shaped America's past. The text reveals the ethnic, geographical and economic diversity of the United States by examining the individual, the community and the state and placing a special focus on the country's regions, particularly the West. The updated edition features new and expanded coverage of a wide variety of topics in addition to MyHistoryLab tools that connect the text to interactive online learning tools to bring U.S. history to life.

Author: Shana Corey, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 48, Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers, ISBN: 9780385374781

Children who are ready to read on their own will want to get ready for President's Day with this leveled reader about the first African American president of the United States! A Step 3 Step into Reading Biography Reader about our forty-fourth president, Barack Obama—revised to include an account of his reelection and new photographs! With clear and accessible language, independent readers can learn how the lessons and love from Obama’s mother and grandparents shaped him; how the places he lived influenced him; and how he turned his childhood feeling of being an outsider into a positive driving force that propelled him into the history books!

Author: Jack W. Berryman, Genre: Medical, Total Page: 414, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015038153519

Presents a history of the beginnings, development and impact of the American College of Sports Medicine. This book is a record of how individuals from different fields have retained a common focus.

Author: Jacqueline Dembar Greene, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 212, Publisher: iUniverse, ISBN: 9780595380473

Kidnapped from their parents during the Portuguese Inquisition and sent to work as slaves at a monastery in Brazil, two Jewish sisters attempt to make their way back to Europe to find their parents, but instead one becomes part of a group founding the first Jewish settlement in the United States.

Author: Kavion Robinson, Genre: , Total Page: 35, Publisher: , ISBN: 1689349328

Out of many, One people: The story of Jamaica illustrated is a beautifully illustrated historical picture book by Kavion Robinson. This book documents historical figures throughout the history of Jamaica from the 1400s to the present. This book features over 40 original works of art by Kavion Robinson.

Author: Paul Johnson, Genre: History, Total Page: 1104, Publisher: Harper Collins, ISBN: 9780061952135

"The creation of the United States of America is the greatest of all human adventures," begins Paul Johnson. "No other national story holds such tremendous lessons, for the American people themselves and for the rest of mankind." In his prize-winning classic, Johnson presents an in-depth portrait of American history from the first colonial settlements to the Clinton administration. This is the story of the men and women who shaped and led the nation and the ordinary people who collectively created its unique character. Littered with letters, diaries, and recorded conversations, it details the origins of their struggles for independence and nationhood, their heroic efforts and sacrifices to deal with the 'organic sin’ of slavery and the preservation of the Union to its explosive economic growth and emergence as a world power. Johnson discusses contemporary topics such as the politics of racism, education, the power of the press, political correctness, the growth of litigation, and the influence of women throughout history. He sees Americans as a problem-solving people and the story of their country as "essentially one of difficulties being overcome by intelligence and skill, by faith and strength of purpose, by courage and persistence... Looking back on its past, and forward to its future, the auguries are that it will not disappoint humanity." Sometimes controversial and always provocative, A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE is one author’s challenging and unique interpretation of American history. Johnson’s views of individuals, events, themes, and issues are original, critical, and in the end admiring, for he is, above all, a strong believer in the history and the destiny of the American people.

Author: Eboo Patel, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 248, Publisher: Princeton University Press, ISBN: 9780691196961

A timely defense of religious diversity and its centrality to American identity America is the most religiously diverse nation on the planet. In today’s volatile climate of religious conflict and distrust, how do we affirm that the American promise is deeply intertwined with how each of us engages with people of different beliefs? Eboo Patel, former faith adviser to Barack Obama, provides answers to this timely question. In this thought-provoking book, Patel draws on his personal experience as a Muslim in America to examine the importance of religious diversity in the nation’s cultural, political, and economic life. He explores how religious language has given the United States some of its most enduring symbols and inspired its most vital civic institutions—and demonstrates how the genius of the American experiment lies in its empowerment of all people.

Author: James A. Delle, Genre: History, Total Page: 345, Publisher: University of Alabama Press, ISBN: 9780817356484

Scholars present archaeological findings to paint a complex and fascinating picture of life in colonial Jamaica. Simultaneous.

Author: Dufort Baptichon, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 114, Publisher: Outskirts Press, ISBN: 9781478791294

“Out of Many One" is a proclamation that can intrinsically trigger an unprecedented economic, social and political awareness in the United States. It is about a political capital claim capable of bankrupting any nation that values truth, even at a high price. This book will encourage you to reflect on some of the current problems in Haiti, my so-called third world country. Haiti has long since been subjected to the effects of denying this costly truth. President Bush writes to me, in a letter dated June 4, 2004, “So all of us owe you a ‘deep debt’ of gratitude for your support.” How deep is this debt? Can you or I attribute value to this “deep debt” or value in a medal of merit awarded to you by the president himself? I believe we can because the medal has its own intrinsic values that are not just sentimental, as in a memorabilia. It is a manifestation of intent to pierce the matrix of illusions that politicians created, with power as the common denominator. This thought-provoking study focuses on values and unveils deeper logic by tying historical events to the concepts of merit and justice, and freedom versus tyranny. In other words, it integrates facts and concepts to create values. This lays evidence for my hypothesis, my purported, well-pleaded claim. Out of Many One essentially blasts through all the political illusions that have existed since the beginning of civilization. It opens your eyes and cuts through that matrix of appearances to reveal the true essence of one specific thing, i.e., a simple medal of merit. Such an endeavor requires profound honesty. The key to my hypothesis is not only a focus on the monetary values of the subject matter but also a focus on honesty and all the many other values pertaining to it. This is a “must read” book, which brings light to what is, in reality, truth. – Dufort