Author: Cynthia J. Rocha, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 206, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 9780471752202

classroom teaching experiences to provide readers with guidelines.

Author: Linda K. Cummins, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 412, Publisher: Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0205022448

Introduction to Policy Practice shows future social work practitioners how to actively influence policy-making through lobbying, coalition building and running campaigns. It helps them to master social problem analysis and policy analysis and uses theoretical and empirical knowledge for the application of policy practice techniques. Each chapter reflects and integrates the core competencies in the 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) set by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). End-of-chapter assessment reinforces this integration, and activities support the mastery of CSWE's core competencies.

Author: Shannon R. Lane, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 505, Publisher: Springer, ISBN: 9783319685885

This social work book is the first of its kind, describing practical steps that social workers can take to shape and influence both policy and politics. It prepares social workers and social work students to impact political action and subsequent policy, with a detailed real-world framework for turning ideas into concrete goals and strategies for effecting change. Tracing the roots of social work in response to systemic social inequality, it clearly relates the tenets of social work to the challenges and opportunities of modern social change. The book identifies the core domains of political social work, including engaging individuals and communities in voting, influencing policy agendas, and seeking and holding elected office. Chapters elaborate on the necessary skills for political social work, featuring discussion, examples, and critical thinking exercises in such vital areas as: Power, empowerment, and conflict: engaging effectively with power in political settings. Getting on the agenda: assessing the political context and developing political strategy. Planning the political intervention: advocacy and electoral campaigns. Empowering voters Persuasive political communication. Budgeting and allocating resources. Evaluating political social work efforts. Making ethical decisions in political social work. Political Social Work is a potent reference for social work professionals, practitioners, and students seeking core political knowledge and skills to practically advance their work. For specialists and generalists alike, it solidifies political action as vital for the evolution of the field.

Author: Jessica A. Ritter, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing, ISBN: 1516527380

The second edition of Social Work Policy Practice: Changing Our Community, Nation, and the World demystifies policymaking for social work students and demonstrates why policy practice is a critical dimension of social work. The text provides a comprehensive introduction to political advocacy, the political process, and how laws are enacted to inspire social work students to enter the field with a mind for political advocacy and social justice. The book is divided into three parts. In Part I, students learn a brief history of social welfare legislation in the United States and the role of social workers in policy development. Part II provides concrete information on how policies become law. It includes an overview of the levels and branches of government, in-depth descriptions of the policy change process, and various strategies advocates employ to enact change. Part III consists of real-world stories of advocates and advocacy organizations that have attempted to change policies on behalf of vulnerable populations. This edition includes up-to-date information regarding policy issues in child welfare, aging, healthcare, mental health, poverty and income equality, rights for racial minorities, and immigration. New material addresses policy issues pertaining to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and the #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter social movements. Engaging and accessible, Social Work Policy Practice is an ideal resource for courses that introduce policymaking to students of social work.

Author: Cynthia D. Moniz, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 316, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781317938279

In Health Care Policy and Practice: A Biopsychosocial Perspective, Moniz and Gorin have updated their text to incorporate health care reform. The authors have also restructured the book to guide students through the development of the American health care system: what it is, what the policies are, and how students can influence them. The first section focuses on recent history and reforms during the Obama Administration to describe the health care system; section two examines the system’s structure and policies; and the third section explores policy analysis and advocacy, and disparities in health based on demographics and inequities in access to care. It concludes with a discussion of the impact of social factors on health and health status. The new edition incorporates the CSWE EPAS competencies; it is for social work courses in health care, health care policy, and health and mental health care policy.

Author: Joan M. Borst, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 288, Publisher: Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0205498078

Written with a strengths based perspective, this health care text integrates policy, practice, and professionalism for social workers. With its focus on diversity and by using a biopsychosical perspective, Social Work and Health Care emphasizes a variety of ways of coping and ways to culturally assess and approach intervention. Readers learn about how the individual, and their families and friends are impacted by the loss of health or independence. Numerous examples encourage students to identify with the practicing professional.

Author: Muna Sabbagh, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 416, Publisher: SAGE, ISBN: 9781529780901

Are you a social work student looking to understand how the law, ethics and social policy interrelate in practice? Then look no further! Whether you a student or Newly Qualified Social Worker working with children and families or adults at risk of harm, this practical guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to fulfil your professional responsibilities and practice with confidence. This book covers all the areas of law you need to know: social work with children and families, vulnerable adults and social issues such as welfare and homelessness. Each section concludes with a discussion of how social policy and ethics relate to each area of social work law. This gives real-world context to what you have learnt, alongside thought boxes, exercises and case studies in each chapter to further encourage reflection and put theory into practice.

Author: Lorraine Green, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 240, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 9781509506620

Contemporary social work cannot be understood without an appreciation of the broader context of social policy in which it takes place. Such an understanding is increasingly important as social workers are expected to work across institutional, professional and even national boundaries in new ways profoundly affected by the changing global context. This insightful book examines how shifts in the dominant political ideology have affected the nature of welfare provision, the kinds of social problems addressed by policy, and the balance of responsibilities for well-being between individuals, the family, voluntary organizations, the market and the state. It explains the impact of these developments on the organization of social work and on relationships between social workers and service users. The book discusses contested concepts central to social work – such as justice, liberty, equality, difference, need and risk – and illustrates these through a range of examples. The critical analysis provided in this book offers students of social work a crucial foundation for negotiating difficult and sensitive practice situations and defending their profession, providing them with the tools and knowledge to uphold key professional values.

Author: Elizabeth F. Hoffler, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 334, Publisher: National Assn of Social Workers Press, ISBN: 0871014416

Author: Derek Kirton, Genre: Psychology, Total Page: 240, Publisher: SAGE, ISBN: 9780857026637

`A key text in the exploration of social, political and historical changes around child social care. It offers a broad overview of key themes in all areas and aspects of child care within the UK. It is an essential resource for students studying the degree in social work and will support and encourage their knowledge of fundamental issues' - Sarah Thomas, Programme Director BA (Hons) Social Work, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff This book offers an authoritative overview of child care policy and practice in the UK. It covers assessment and family support services, understanding child maltreatment and protection, the care of looked after children, including the contribution of adoption, foster and residential care, services for those leaving care and barriers facing disabled children and their families. Child Care Policy and Practice reflects the complexity and contested nature of children's needs, rights and interests and relationships between family and state. It analyses relevant debates and research and highlights practice issues and dilemmas. Readers are also directed to sources of further information on topics they may wish to explore in more depth. At the end of each chapter, there is guidance for further reading, resources for practice and questions for discussion. The book is aimed at social work practitioners and students, both qualifying and post-qualifying, at allied professionals working with children and families and at undergraduate students in Childhood Studies or Social Policy.