Author: Phyllis G. Tortora, Genre: Art, Total Page: 680, Publisher: A&C Black, ISBN: 9781563678066

In the Preface of the 5th Edition of Survey of Historic Costume, Tortora and Eubank conclude with the following: "In the history of dress at the beginning of the 21st century, costume might be compared to a constantly moving river. This river divides into many narrower channels that separate, cross, come together, and separate again, and yet that river continually moves on." Building on the previous editions, the authors update their analysis of Western dress to 2008. Survey of Historic Costume has, from its beginnings, taken seriously the need to accompany the text with appropriate illustrations and the major change in the 5th Edition is the move to full color throughout the book to enrich the text and the concepts. Perfect for anyone interested in historic costume, fashion, textiles, drama, and design, this beautifully illustrated book is full of interesting facts and commentary.New to this Edition:-- Over 500 four-color photographs and illustrations-- Updated text to 2008-- Additional influences from one period or civilization to another, including influences from other cultures-- Index - updated and organized to be utilized as glossary with terms defined and page numbers printed in boldface-- Instructor's Guide provides sources for visuals, websites, teaching strategies and evaluation techniques-- PowerPoint® Presentation contains interactive visual presentation with links to Internet

Author: Phyllis G. Tortora, Genre: Clothing and dress, Total Page: 522, Publisher: , ISBN: STANFORD:36105006064831

A basic text for those who want an overview and chronology of western costume, it discusses the dress of each era within its historical, cultural and economic contexts.

Author: Phyllis G. Tortora, Genre: Antiques & Collectibles, Total Page: 720, Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA, ISBN: 9781628921670

Survey of Historic Costume presents a thorough overview and chronology of Western dress from the ancient world to the trends of today.

Author: Phyllis G. Tortora, Genre: Design, Total Page: 230, Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA, ISBN: 9781609012212

Fairchild's Survey of Historic Costume Study Guide is designed to guide students through each chapter of Survey of Historic Costume 5th edition (ISBN: 9781563678066) and help them identify and synthesize core information. With its emphasis on the text and flexibility to be adapted to different course structures and methods, this resource is a valuable tool for instructors as well as students. For every chapter, the Study Guide includes concise Historical Snapshots to situate students in time; At a Glance; tables summarizing of key information about dress from the time period covered by each chapter; space to take notes about major content and themes; questions to help students identify this information in the text; activities in which students must sketch or describe key styles; and further review questions. The Study Guide also provides students with a complete glossary of key terms used throughout the text.

Author: Bobi Garland, Genre: Antiques & Collectibles, Total Page: 112, Publisher: Fairchild Books, ISBN: 9781501376092

The Survey of Historic Costume Coloring Book highlights Western dress from the ancient world to today through fashion silhouettes. By coloring line drawings that parallel chapters from the Survey of Historic Costume, 7th Edition textbook, students will learn to identify and retain specific details that make each historical period's fashion unique. Each chapter also includes activities and prompts to promote further thinking and creativity, including tasks like drawing and making modern-day connections. Through these dynamic, hands-on exercises, students will develop an understanding of historic costume, increase awareness of world culture, and have fun through this interactive learning medium.

Author: R. Turner Wilcox, Genre: Antiques & Collectibles, Total Page: 240, Publisher: Courier Corporation, ISBN: 9780486478715

A treasury of ethnic dress, this book ranges from the Amish of Pennsylvania to the Zulu of South Africa. Alphabetical entries cover more than 150 countries and regions, each represented by six or more illustrations. Six hundred drawings include images of men, women, and children. Captions describe the costumes and their associated traditions.

Author: R. Turner Wilcox, Genre: Antiques & Collectibles, Total Page: 477, Publisher: Courier Corporation, ISBN: 9780486468204

The pursuit of style has prompted centuries of dramatic change in fashion. From the togas of ancient Rome to the gorgeous gowns of Dior, this lavishly illustrated, thoroughly researched treasury examines men's, women's, and children's clothing — plus accessories — from 3000 B.C. to 1958. An essential handbook.

Author: Phyllis G. Tortora, Genre: Design, Total Page: 264, Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN: 9780857851932

Technology has been an essential factor in the production of dress and the cultures of fashion throughout human history. Structured chronologically from prehistory to the present day, this is the first broad study of the complex relationship between dress and technology. Over the course of human history, dress-making and fashion technology has changed beyond recognition: from needles and human hands in the ancient world to complex 20th-century textile production machines, it has now come to include the technologies that influence dress styles and the fashion industry, while fashion itself may drive aspects of technology. In the last century, new technologies such as the electronic media and high-tech manufacturing have helped not just to produce but to define fashion: the creation of automobiles prompted a decline in long skirts for women while the beginnings of space travel caused people to radically rethink the function of dress. In many ways, technology has itself created avant garde and contemporary fashions. Through an impressive range of international case studies, the book challenges the perception that fashion is unique to western dress and outlines the many ways in which dress and technology intersect. Dress, Fashion and Technology is ideal reading for students and scholars of fashion studies, textile history, anthropology and cultural studies.

Author: Karen Baclawski, Genre: Clothing and dress, Total Page: 244, Publisher: B. T. Batsford Limited, ISBN: UOM:39015036088279

This is essentially a guide to items of historical dress in British Museum collections. However since there is more surviving historical costume in this country than anywhere else in the world, it doubles as a dictionary of costume, providing information on where to find a specific garment.

Author: Sandra Keiser, Genre: Business & Economics, Total Page: 216, Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA, ISBN: 9781501365294

This seminal text demystifies the terminology of working in the fashion industry today, providing definitions of processes, techniques, features, and even some historical terms that you need to know. The dictionary now includes coverage of sustainability, smart materials, new technologies, and processes. This book has been reorganized in a purely alphabetical order for easy reference. Lavishly illustrated with over 800 illustrations capturing the styles and details of fashion, this reference work is a must have for students, designers, fashion merchandisers, librarians, and fashion enthusiasts. The fifth edition also includes online availability to vocabulary and image flashcards via STUDIO for easy on-the-go access.