Author: Brett Battles, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 480, Publisher: Random House, ISBN: 9781848091429

Brett Battles's debut novel has it all: exotic locations, ingenious plot twists and gritty action. If you're a fan of Jason Bourne, James Bond or Jack Reacher, what more could you want? 'Brett Battles make a grand entrance into the thriller scene' - Tess Gerritsen 'A brilliant and heart-pounding thriller' - Jeffrey Deaver 'Catnip for thriller readers' - John Lescroart 'The author is even better than they are telling you. None stop action delivered with outstanding pace and style' -- ***** Reader review 'Very difficult to put down' -- ***** Reader review 'Fast paced, believable, gripping. Can't wait to read the next one!' -- ***** Reader review 'Buy this book and read it, you won't regret it' -- ***** Reader review ********************************************* JONATHAN QUINN'S WORK COMES AFTER THE CRIME. BUT NOW THE CRIME'S COMING AFTER HIM. Quinn is a freelancer working for 'the Office', a shadowy criminal organisation. His job is to clean up crime scenes - dispose of bodies, wipe away prints - anything to help them get away with it. His latest job seems simple enough: investigate a suspicious case of arson. Until the moment a dead body turns up where it doesn't belong, and Quinn's Office handlers go strangely silent. The Office is under threat, and someone wants him dead. And if Quinn can't figure out what's going on from only a handful of clues, he'll never clean another crime scene. He'll be the crime scene.

Author: Mark Dawson, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 0, Publisher: , ISBN: 1787395197

John Milton is the man the government call when they want a problem to vanish. But what happens when he's the one that needs to disappear?

Author: Paul Cleave, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 387, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781451677799

A police department janitor named Joe investigates what is thought to be the seventh Christchurch Carver murder, except that Joe knows for certain that the latest homicide is the work of a copycat killer.

Author: Brett Battles, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 368, Publisher: Delacorte Press, ISBN: 9780440337317

“The Cleaner has it all: exotic locales, James Bondian derring-do, and ingenious plot twists that will keep you sweating all the way ’til the end.“—Tess Gerritsen Meet Jonathan Quinn: a freelance operative with a take-no-prisoners style and the heart of a loner. His job? Professional “cleaner.” Nothing too violent, just disposing of bodies, doing a little cleanup if necessary. But Quinn’s latest assignment is about to change everything, igniting a harrowing journey of violence, betrayal, and revenge. The job seemed simple enough: investigating a suspicious case of arson. But when a dead body turns up where it doesn’t belong—and Quinn’s handlers turn strangely silent—he knows he’s in over his head. Quinn’s only hope may be Orlando, a woman from his past who could hold the key to solving the case. Suddenly the two are prying into old crimes, struggling to stay alive long enough to unbury the truth. But as the hunt intensifies, Quinn is stunned by what he uncovers: a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy—with an almost unimaginable goal. Praise for The Cleaner “Battles is a compelling new voice in the thriller genre. The Cleaner combines the best elements of Lee Child, John le Carré and Robert Ludlum. . . . A stellar debut.“—Sheldon Siegel “A brilliant and heart-pounding thriller.”—Jeffery Deaver “A tightly written page-turner.”—Booklist

Author: Elisabeth Herrmann, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 464, Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd., ISBN: 9781786580054

An unforgettable heroine. An unforgiveable past. For fans of Child 44, The Lives of Others, and Stasi Child, The Cleaner is a gripping thriller that will chill and intrigue as the sins of the past catch up with the secrets of the present. Pools of blood, scenes of carnage, signs of agonising death - who deals with the aftermath of violence once the bodies have been taken away? Judith Kepler has seen it all. She is a crime scene specialist. She turns crime scenes back into habitable spaces. She is a cleaner. It is at the home of a woman who has been brutally murdered that she is suddenly confronted with her own past. The murder victim knew Judith's secret: as a child Judith was sent to an orphanage under mysterious circumstances - parentage unknown. And the East German secret police were always there, in the background. . . . When Judith begins to ask questions, she becomes the target of some powerful enemies. And nothing will ever be the same again.

Author: Jacqueline Paizis, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher:, ISBN: 9780244967635

Author: Sarah Krasnostein, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 288, Publisher: St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 9781250101211

Winner of the Victorian Prize for Literature, Sarah Krasnostein’s The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman’s Extraordinary Life in the Business of Death, Decay, and Disaster is the fascinating biography of one of the people responsible for tidying up homes in the wake of natural—and unnatural—catastrophes and fatalities. Homicides and suicides, fires and floods, hoarders and addicts. When properties are damaged or neglected, it falls to Sandra Pankhurst, founder of Specialized Trauma Cleaning (STC) Services Pty. Ltd. to sift through the ashes or sweep up the mess of a person’s life or death. Her clients include law enforcement, real estate agents, executors of deceased estates, and charitable organizations representing victimized, mentally ill, elderly, and physically disabled people. In houses and buildings that have fallen into disrepair, Sandra airs out residents’ smells, throws out their weird porn, their photos, their letters, the last traces of their DNA entombed in soaps and toothbrushes. The remnants and mementoes of these people’s lives resonate with Sandra. Before she began professionally cleaning up their traumas, she experienced her own. First, as a little boy, raised in violence and excluded from the family home. Then as a husband and father, drag queen, gender reassignment patient, sex worker, small businesswoman, and trophy wife. In each role she played, all Sandra wanted to do was belong. The Trauma Cleaner is the extraordinary true story of an extraordinary person dedicated to making order out of chaos with compassion, revealing the common ground Sandra Pankhurst—and everyone—shares with those struck by tragedy.

Author: Kiersten Modglin, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 224, Publisher: Messes, ISBN: 1983014788

Gunner James is good at death. An expert. His job is to clean up the messes no one else can. But behind that tough exterior, Gunner has a few secrets of his own. Eight years ago, Gunner left his hometown and vowed to never look back. When his past collides with his present in the form of a familiar face, Gunner must return home to take care of one final mess...the woman he left behind. Reagan Orrick knows heartbreak. Eight years ago, the love of her life disappeared without a trace or goodbye.In his absence, she has fought to build a life she can be proud of. When tragedy strikes, Reagan must go it alone or make a choice to trust the man who shattered her heart once again. Their secrets can save or destroy them...but only the truth will allow them to be cleaned.

Author: Renee Rose, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 220, Publisher: Burning Desires, ISBN:

I’VE CAPTURED THE CRIME LORD’S DAUGHTER She will pay the price for her father’s sin. I’ll use my beautiful prisoner to get him. To make him suffer. Make him believe I'm hurting her the way he harmed my sister. And when I’m done tormenting him, I will offer a trade: her life for his. I owe him a slow, painful death. Revenge is my due. But Kateryna is strong in ways I didn’t expect. Broken before I ever got to her, she's a willing participant for my torment. She turns the tables on me, seducing me with her laughter. Her wild, crazy appetite for pain and pleasure. Now I must choose: Keep her and forgo my revenge or destroy my enemy and the woman I’ve come to love.

Author: Jessica Gadziala, Genre: , Total Page: 256, Publisher: , ISBN: 9798534578782

As the creator of her own true crime podcast, Poppy is on the case. Only this time, of a serial killer operating just under the radar in Navesink Bank. And nothing will get in her way. Except, maybe, a good-looking guy with tortured eyes, anxiety, and a cleaning compulsion. She never could have guessed, though, that he was the very man she'd been tracking down for months...