Author: Simon Singh, Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction, Total Page: 272, Publisher: Delacorte Press, ISBN: 9780375890123

"As gripping as a good thriller." --The Washington Post Unpack the science of secrecy and discover the methods behind cryptography--the encoding and decoding of information--in this clear and easy-to-understand young adult adaptation of the national bestseller that's perfect for this age of WikiLeaks, the Sony hack, and other events that reveal the extent to which our technology is never quite as secure as we want to believe. Coders and codebreakers alike will be fascinated by history's most mesmerizing stories of intrigue and cunning--from Julius Caesar and his Caeser cipher to the Allies' use of the Enigma machine to decode German messages during World War II. Accessible, compelling, and timely, The Code Book is sure to make readers see the past--and the future--in a whole new way. "Singh's power of explaining complex ideas is as dazzling as ever." --The Guardian

Author: Simon Singh, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 263, Publisher: Ember, ISBN: 9780385730624

Provides a review of cryptography, its evolution over time, and its purpose throughout history from the era of Julius Caesar to the modern day.

Author: 2nd Edition, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: 0838878016

Author: Bud Johnson, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 86, Publisher: Courier Corporation, ISBN: 9780486291468

Simply and clearly written book, filled with cartoons and easy-to-follow instructions, tells youngsters 8 and up how to break 6 different types of coded messages. Examples and solutions.

Author: John Redden, Genre: Education, Total Page: 58, Publisher:, ISBN: 9781387346080

The Secret Code Book is a short introduction to substitution ciphers. The chapters ease young readers into the concept of rotation ciphers and work their way up to the Vigen re cipher. Along the way, readers will also learn about geometric approaches to secret codes such as the Pigpen cipher. As a bonus, there is a brief description of frequency analysis and how it is used to crack secret codes. frper gpbqr obbx In addition, this book actively challenges readers with practice missions where answers are listed in the back. Also, there is a cut-out rotation template that is provided to make your very own cipher disk! After reading this book, you will have all the basic tools needed to create secret messages.

Author: 2nd Edition, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: 0838878229

Author: Nancy M. Hall, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 99, Publisher: Educators Pub Svc Incorporated, ISBN: PSU:000058701584

This series develops important comprehension and thinking skills at the earliest level. Each book contains stories with exercises that follow the same phonetic structure as the Explode The Code series. Each story is preceded by writing and spelling activities that introduce new sight words and teach phonetic patterns. The charmingly illustrated stories are followed by questions and exercises that develop comprehension as well as critical thinking. Book 1 contains three charmingly illustrated stories Zack the Dog, Six Kids Jog, and Help 911 with introductory exercises on word families. Vocabulary and follow-up questions develop students understanding of the stories as well as encourage their reasoning abilities. Final exercises in each section give students the opportunity to add their own drawings to complete illustrations. Grades 2-3."

Author: Simon Singh, Genre: Ciphers, Total Page: 224, Publisher: , ISBN: 1841154350

A TV tie-in edition of The Code Book filmed as a prime-time five-part Channel 4 series on the history of codes and code-breaking and presented by the author. This book, which accompanies the major Channel 4 series, brings to life the hidden history of codes and code breaking. Since the birth of writing, there has also been the need for secrecy. The story of codes is the story of the brilliant men and women who used mathematics, linguistics, machines, computers, gut instinct, logic and detective work to encrypt and break these secrect messages and the effect their work has had on history.

Author: Edward De Bono, Genre: Connotation (Linguistics), Total Page: 384, Publisher: , ISBN: 0140287779

Language has been the biggest help to human progress. But, ironically, language has also become the barrier to its own development. We are locked in to words and concepts that are limited and out of date. These force us to see the world in a very old-fashioned way. Like any self-organizing system, language has become bogged down in its own equilibrium.

Author: Helen Huckle, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 57, Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers, ISBN: 0803717253

Presents a variety of codes and ciphers and includes messages to encode and decode