Author: Adolph L. Dial, Genre: History, Total Page: 212, Publisher: Syracuse University Press, ISBN: 0815603606

This is the standard history of the Lumbee Indian people of southwestern North Carolina, the largest Indian community in population east of the Mississippi. Dial and Eliades trace the history of this group through 1974. Among the subjects covered are the Lumbee during the colonial period and the revolutionary War; the Lowrie war; the infamous Lowrie Band of the Civil War; the development of the Lumbee educational system; Lumbee folklore; and the modern Lumbee

Author: James Vesely, Genre: History, Total Page: 298, Publisher: iUniverse, ISBN: 9780595096992

Along with General Claire Chennault's "Flying Tigers," the men and planes of the 490th Bomb Squadron became famous as the "Burma Bridge Busters." From late 1942 to the end of the war, their incredible feats of low-level bombing and strafing of Japanese-held bridges, airfields, and troop facilities in occupied Burma hindered the Japanese advance in Asia, and provided critical air support for the allies fighting on the ground. The author's uncle, a radioman/waist gunner in the 490th, was killed on a mission in the waning days of the war. This book is both a search for his memory, and a tribute to the squadron in which he proudly served and sacrificed his lifeā€”the "Burma Bridge Busters." The author was born and raised in Chicago. In addition to writing and traveling, he is an avid fisherman, hunter, and scuba diver. He has published Seasons of Harvest, a three-volume historical novel, and is at work on a second novel titled Cumberland Road. This book is his first nonfiction work.

Author: Jeremy Vaeni, Genre: Wit and humor, Total Page: 386, Publisher: Jeremy Vaeni, ISBN: 9780974685403

Author: Patrick Forsyth, Genre: Travel, Total Page: 204, Publisher: Booksmango, ISBN: 6167270678

Burma (or Myanmar as it is now called) is in the news for all the wrong reasons. It has been ruled for many years by a ruthless, repressive junta, it suffers regular earthquakes and the cyclone of May 2008 left more than a hundred thousand people injured, homeless or dead.Yet this is a magical place: a country of contrasts with a rambunctious history and a culture that is both awesome and fascinating. Largely on a whim, prompted by sitting next to the "neighbour from hell" on a long-haul flight, the author decides to visit Mandalay, the "Golden City" foreseen by ancient Buddhist prophesies. Despite controversy there are campaigns suggesting you do not travel to Burma on the grounds that doing so supports the government - he makes a trip, flying to Bangkok and on to Yangon (previously Rangoon) and makes much of the journey on the river cruiser Road to Mandalay sailing along the famous Ayeyarwady.Along the way he encounters taxis pulled by oxen; rings the largest bell in the world; learns how to wear a skirt, the difference between a stupa and a pagoda and why florescent pink tiles are used in temples.In this lively and light-hearted account of his journey he watches the best sunset in the world on the plains of Bagan, and as the sun sinks behind the towers of pagodas stretching in countless numbers to the horizon, concludes that this wonderful country is worthy of everyone's attention, and perhaps help too.

Author: Arkansas. Supreme Court, Genre: Law reports, digests, etc, Total Page: 678, Publisher: , ISBN: HARVARD:32044078575206

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Includes reports, etc., of the Southwest Society of the Archaeological Institutes of America.

Author: Alfred Patrick, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 238, Publisher: Xlibris Corporation, ISBN: 9781503559929

When businessman Charley Scott agreed to serve as interim Powell County sheriff, the former deputy could not have imagined the violent web of abductions and deaths that would ensnare him. In Clinch Valley Pursuit, violence sprouts from roots of greed, hatred, lust, and thirst for revenge. While Scott and his wife are in Damascus, Virginia, for a short vacation which includes a hike on the Appalachian Trail, unexpected crises test his law enforcement capabilities and his logical approaches to dangerous situations. Thought to be where he could not menace society, a past enemy from the small Appalachian town of Creedy surfaces to plague Charley Scott anew. Seeking revenge, this seething foe intends to debase and destroy Charley and the woman he loves. Can Scott keep his strong emotions from interfering with his best judgment as a law officer? Can he protect and save the person whose dignity and life mean more to him than his own?

Author: Leonard R. Wohletz, Genre: Soil conservation, Total Page: 56, Publisher: , ISBN: STANFORD:36105032243102

Author: Australia. Parliament, Genre: , Total Page: 1562, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015031337143