Author: Ben Dorfman, Genre: History, Total Page: 115, Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press, ISBN: 9788763541060

This issue of Ideas in History encompasses a special issue on the history of economic thought, plus a provocative paper taking on issues of text, historiography and deconstructive thought in cultural history.

Author: Xamidea Editorial Board, Genre: Mathematics, Total Page: 248, Publisher: VK Global Publications, ISBN: 9789392582479

Xam idea brings to you resourceful study material for the preparation of the Physics Term-2 exam. - Curated by experts with in-depth research, the book is in accordance with the CBSE new exam pattern. - The book includes fundamental concepts from each chapter for a better understanding of students. - NCERT questions are added along with the solutions. - For ample practice and assessment, the book provides different typologies of questions like, * Case-Based Questions * Short & Long Answer Questions * Practice Questions

Author: Arthur Schopenhauer, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: , Publisher: 谷月社, ISBN:

In boundless space countless shining spheres, about each of which, and illuminated by its light, there revolve a dozen or so of smaller ones, hot at the core and covered with a hard, cold crust, upon whose surface there have been generated from a mouldy film beings which live and know—this is what presents itself to us in experience as the truth, the real, the world. Yet for a thinking being it is a precarious position to stand upon one of those numberless spheres moving freely in boundless space without knowing whence or whither, and to be only one of innumerable similar beings who throng and press and toil, ceaselessly and quickly arising and passing away in time, which has no beginning and no end; moreover, nothing permanent but matter alone and the recurrence of the same varied organised forms, by means of certain ways and channels which are there once for all. All that empirical science can teach is only the more exact nature and law of these events. But now at last modern philosophy especially through Berkeley and Kant, has called ] to mind that all this is first of all merely a phenomenon of the brain, and is affected with such great, so many, and such different subjective conditions that its supposed absolute reality vanishes away, and leaves room for an entirely different scheme of the world, which consists of what lies at the foundation of that phenomenon, i.e., what is related to it as the thing in itself is related to its mere manifestation. “The world is my idea” is, like the axioms of Euclid, a proposition which every one must recognise as true as soon as he understands it; although it is not a proposition which every one understands as soon as he hears it. To have brought this proposition to clear consciousness, and in it the problem of the relation of the ideal and the real, i.e., of the world in the head to the world outside the head, together with the problem of moral freedom, is the distinctive feature of modern philosophy. For it was only after men had spent their labour for thousands of years upon a mere philosophy of the object that they discovered that among the many things that make the world so obscure and doubtful the first and chiefest is this, that however immeasurable and massive it may be, its existence yet hangs by a single thread; and this is the actual consciousness in which it exists. This condition, to which the existence of the world is irrevocably subject, marks it, in spite of all empirical reality, with the stamp of ideality, and therefore of mere ...

Author: Vicky Shiotsu, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 80, Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing, ISBN: 9780742419827

Mingle some math into everyday teaching! Fast Ideas for Busy Teachers: Math has hundreds of ideas that will fit into a hectic schedule and enliven second-grade students' exploration of mathematics. The book is organized by math skills, which makes it easy to find a topic when it's needed. Open-ended lessons allow adaptation of activities to meet students' needs. The lessons are perfect for substitutes, rainy-day activities, homework, and in-class assignments. The book includes tips for managing a classroom, getting organized, getting to know students, and implementing behavior management. This 80-page book also includes reproducibles and aligns with Common Core State Standards, as well as state and national standards.

Author: Patrick J. Hayes, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 828, Publisher: ABC-CLIO, ISBN: 9780313392030

Combining the insight of two-dozen expert contributors to examine key figures, events, and policies over 200 years of U.S. immigration history, this work illuminates the foundations of the ethnic and socioeconomic makeup of our nation. • 45 entries covering such issues as the Alien and Sedition Acts, asylees, immigration and customs enforcement, immigration and religion, and U.S.–Mexico border relations • Contributions from an international collaborative of 24 scholars from the social and human sciences • Photographs • A timeline • Entry-specific bibliographies and a lengthy general bibliography

Author: Mircea Eliade, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 580, Publisher: University of Chicago Press, ISBN: 9780226027357

In volume 2 of this monumental work, Mircea Eliade continues his magisterial progress through the history of religious ideas. The religions of ancient China, Brahmanism and Hinduism, Buddha and his contemporaries, Roman religion, Celtic and German religions, Judaism, the Hellenistic period, the Iranian syntheses, and the birth of Christianity—all are encompassed in this volume.

Author: Michael Cruz, Genre: Business & Economics, Total Page: 142, Publisher: Michael Cruz, ISBN:

Amazon FBA Selling Guide What was one of the first things you wanted to sell when you were a kid? Did you have a lemonade stand that went bust after two weeks, or did you sell baseball bats at little league games? Whatever kickstarted your selling career shows the true determination of a natural-born seller that was meant to take advantage of one of the world's greatest merchandise companies: Amazon. Amazon has been around for over 25 years, and it only continues to build momentum. Once marketed as only an online bookstore, it was unclear if the company would survive the next few years against such large alternatives such as Barnes & Noble. The company was completely internet-based, which many thought would be the end of the website, but it only became more popular with the addition of new products such as music and clothes. Some may not realize that the company that started off as an internet-based store for books was one of the first platforms to encourage outside sales. Originally called zShops, people could market original work or hard-to-find items. The idea exploded as more than half a million people purchased something on Amazon by 2000. Jeff Bezos was dubbed the king of e-commerce in 2001, just seven years after Amazon's launch. From its birth until now, Amazon has acquired 40 companies, but its major commerce is now in its third-party marketers. Outside sellers make up more than 50% of Amazon commerce today, and that number is only growing over the years. Online shopping has become the norm, and Amazon is leading the way in sales, accumulating billions of dollars every year, and its third-party sellers are riding the train to financial freedom. Amazon FBA was officially launched in 2006, so it is far from the newest selling platform, but it has shaped the path for other platforms of its kind, and it should be considered as the best service possible. Sellers can use accounts created with Amazon to sell their own merchandise with small fees collected by Amazon. With the internet growing in importance every year, selling online has never been easier. But why would you want to get involved with Amazon FBA? Well, if you have a knack for selling products, feel as though you have always wanted an online store, or just want to try something new, Amazon FBA is one of the easiest ways to get started. From its promises of prime delivery to customers to its total management of your products as soon as they are delivered to the warehouse, Amazon has you covered. They provide a service unmatched by any outside company, and they make selling easier every year. Passive Income Ideas The concept of making money when you sleep has drawn a crowd to the pursuit of passive income. Theoretically, you put in some time and money in the start, then relax and let the money pour in when you focus on other things. This appears like a dream become a reality, but it's mostly only a dream. In today's workforce, relying on one income source is risky. Job protection is rarely guaranteed, and a little extra cash is useful always. By using your primary income source to cover basic expenses, you may use extra income streams to pay off debts, reduce your economic burden, or avoid going further into debt when you are able to pay for larger purchases up front rather than with a credit card or loan. Conversely, passive income is cash that continues to pay out following the initial work is done. Traditionally, income that were considered "passive" generally included money earned from investments in shares or profit acquired by a person who had invested in accommodations property but wasn't involved in the management or day-to-day functions of that property. This book covers: Passive Income Dropshipping Affiliate Marketing Blogging Dividend Stocks Merch By Amazon Programs Amazon FBA Ebook Online Courses Freelancing As A Virtual Assistant………AND MORE!!!

Author: Muhammad Wolfgang Schmidt, Genre: Education, Total Page: 512, Publisher: disserta Verlag, ISBN: 9783959352246

This book is intended for Western students of the Chinese language who wish to take the Chinese language proficiency exam ((??????Hànyu Shuipíng Kaoshì), HSK) either for academic reasons when planning to enroll for studies at a university in Mainland China or for any other professional or personal reasons. This book contains lists of vocabulary and Chinese characters that students are required to know for the six different levels of the HSK exam. It is intended as a reference guide to essential vocabulary and Chinese characters as well as to the grammar aspects that will be requested within the exam in one of the various ways of the communicative tasks assigned to the candidate. This book should be used in conjunction with the official monolingual textbooks available for each level of the HSK exam as a guide of bilingual reference throughout the preparation process for the exam at each proficiency level. There is an optional interactive multimedia application that can be used in combination with the book, its features and benefits are described on the last two pages of the book. The application can be downloaded free of charge by anyone who has purchased a copy of the book.

Author: Antonio Pinto Renedo, Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit, Total Page: 83, Publisher: XinXii, ISBN: 9783966332088

This book represents the second part of the items shown in my blog (The road to the new era) once gathered a certain amount of them I turned into PDF and get on the Internet so they can be downloaded for free. The truth is that the reason life is obtaining happiness and not getting money, because money can help but does not guarantee it. The main objective of these publications is primarily encourage free dissemination of ideas and encourage readers accustomed to think freely, without submitting to the topics of each era.

Author: Sergio Albeverio, Genre: Mathematics, Total Page: 542, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0521419301

A collection of essays by many of the closest co-workers of Raphael Høegh-Krohn.