Author: Maxine Hong Kingston, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 224, Publisher: Vintage, ISBN: 9780307759337

NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD WINNER • NATIONAL BESTSELLER • With this book, the acclaimed author created an entirely new form—an exhilarating blend of autobiography and mythology, of world and self, of hot rage and cool analysis. First published in 1976, it has become a classic in its innovative portrayal of multiple and intersecting identities—immigrant, female, Chinese, American. “A classic, for a reason” – Celeste Ng via Twitter As a girl, Kingston lives in two confounding worlds: the California to which her parents have immigrated and the China of her mother’s “talk stories.” The fierce and wily women warriors of her mother’s tales clash jarringly with the harsh reality of female oppression out of which they come. Kingston’s sense of self emerges in the mystifying gaps in these stories, which she learns to fill with stories of her own. A warrior of words, she forges fractured myths and memories into an incandescent whole, achieving a new understanding of her family’s past and her own present.

Author: Maxine Hong Kingston, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 320, Publisher: Vintage, ISBN: 9780307787811

The author chronicles the lives of three generations of Chinese men in America, woven from memory, myth and fact. Here's a storyteller's tale of what they endured in a strange new land.

Author: Maxine Hong Kingston, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 592, Publisher: Everyman's Library Contemporar, ISBN: UVA:X004860336

A first-generation Chinese-American woman recounts growing up in America within a tradition-bound Chinese family and confronted with Chinese ghosts from the past and non-Chinese ghosts of the present in The Woman Warrior and describes the Chinese experience in the U.S. through incidents from her childhood, the history of early Chinese immigrants, and Chinese myths and tales in China Men. 12,500 first printing.

Author: Maxine Hong Kingston, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 237, Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi, ISBN: 1578060591

In this collection of interviews, Kingston talks about her life, her writing, and her objectives. From the first, her books have hovered along the hazy line between fiction and nonfiction, memoir and imagination. As she answers her critics and readers, she both clarifies the differences and exults in the difficulties of distinguishing between the remembered and the re-created. She explains how she worked to bridge her parents' Chinese dialect with American slang, how she learned to explore her inheritance and find new relevance in her mother's "talk-stories," and how she developed the complex juxtapositions of myths and memoir that fill her books.

Author: Maxine Hong Kingston, Genre: Authors, American, Total Page: 209, Publisher: , ISBN: 9780679721888

An account of growing up female and Chinese-American in California.

Author: Sau-ling Cynthia Wong, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 193, Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand, ISBN: 9780195116540

With the continued expansion of the literary canon, multicultural works of modern literary fiction and autobiography have assumed an increasing importance for students and scholars of American literature. This exciting new series assembles key documents and criticism concerning these works that have so recently become central components of the American literature curriculum. Each casebook will reprint documents relating to the work's historical context and reception, present the best in critical essays, and when possible, feature an interview of the author. The series will provide, for the first time, an accessible forum in which readers can come to a fuller understanding of these contemporary masterpieces and the unique aspects of American ethnic, racial, or cultural experience that they so ably portray. This case book presents a thought-provoking overview of critical debates surrounding The Woman Warrior, perhaps the best known Asian American literary work. The essays deal with such issues as the reception by various interpretive communities, canon formation, cultural authenticity, fictionality in autobiography, and feminist and poststructuralist subjectivity. The eight essays are supplemented an interview with the author and a bibliography.

Author: Faye-Lynn Wu, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 32, Publisher: HarperCollins, ISBN: 0062803417

Mulan is a curious, clever young girl with a love for adventure and learning. But there is no greater love than the one she has for her family. She will do anything for them—even if it means joining the army disguised as a man in her father’s place. In battle, Mulan must find her bravery and her strength to become the legendary woman warrior she is destined to be. In this retelling of The Ballad of Mulan, the Chinese folktale comes to life through striking full-color illustrations. Readers will cheer for our hero in this classic story of courage, persistence, and standing up for what one believes in.

Author: Maureen Sabine, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 248, Publisher: University of Hawaii Press, ISBN: 0824827848

The numerous studies of Maxine Hong Kingston's touchstone work The Woman Warrior fail to take into account the stories in China Men, which were largely written together with those in The Woman Warrior but later published separately. Although Hong Kingston's decision to separate the male and female narratives enabled readers to see the strength of the resulting feminist point of view in The Woman Warrior, the author has steadily maintained that to understand the book fully it was necessary to read its male companion text. Maureen Sabine's ambitious study of The Woman Warrior and China Men aims to bring these divided texts back together with a close reading that looks for the textual traces of the father in The Woman Warrior and shows how the daughter narrator tracks down his history in China Men. She considers theories of intertextuality that open up the possibility of a dynamic interplay between the two books and suggests that the Hong family women and men may be struggling for dialogue with each other even when they appear textually silent or apart.

Author: Maxine Hong Kingston, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 401, Publisher: Vintage Books, ISBN: 9780679760634

A memoir of the author's losses to fire and her work with Vietnam veterans also includes a novel about a Chinese American man and his wife who flee to Hawaii to evade the draft during the Vietnam War, only to work with Vietnam veterans.

Author: Maxine Hong Kingston, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 229, Publisher: Vintage, ISBN: 9780307454591

The National Book Award-winning author of The Woman Warrior presents a series of versed observations on her experiences of aging, covering topics ranging from her literary activities and activist work to her views on her characters and a visit to China. Reprint.