Author: Rory Feek, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 272, Publisher: Thomas Nelson, ISBN: 9780718090128

**NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER** Her story. His story. The love story of Joey and Rory. By inviting so many into the final months of Joey’s life as she battled cancer, Joey and Rory Feek captured hearts around the world with how they handled the diagnosis; the inspiring, simple way they chose to live; and how they loved each other every step of the way. But there is far more to the story. “My life is very ordinary,” says Rory. “On the surface, it is not very special. If you looked at it, day to day, it wouldn’t seem like much. But when you look at it in a bigger context—as part of a larger story—you start to see the magic that is on the pages of the book that is my life. And the more you look, the more you see. Or, at least, I do.” In this vulnerable book, he takes us for the first time into his own challenging life story and what it was like growing up in rural America with little money and even less family stability. This is the story of a man searching for meaning and security in a world that offered neither. And it’s the story of a man who finally gives it all to a power higher than himself and soon meets a young woman who will change his heart forever. In This Life I Live, Rory Feek helps us not only to connect more fully to his and Joey’s story but also to our own journeys. He shows what can happen when we are fully open in life’s key moments, whether when meeting our life companion or tackling an unexpected tragedy. He also gives never-before-revealed details on their life together and what he calls “the long goodbye,” the blessing of being able to know that life is going to end and taking advantage of it. Rory shows how we are all actually there already and how we can learn to live that way every day. A gifted man from nowhere and everywhere in search of something to believe in. A young woman from the Midwest with an angelic voice and deep roots that just needed a place to be planted. This is their story. Two hearts that found each other and touched millions of other hearts along the way.

Author: Angus Buchan, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 304, Publisher: Christian Art Publishers, ISBN: 9781432103699

THE MIGHTY MENTM JOURNEY gives a compelling account of one man’s obedience to God that brought about a revival in South Africa and has changed thousands of lives forever. THE MIGHTY MENTM JOURNEY, by renowned and beloved author and evangelist Angus Buchan, tells the amazing story of the Mighty MenTM phenomenon – how it started with a mustard-seed of an idea in 2003, to the final conference in 2010, attended by thousands and thousands of men. More than 40 personal testimonies of men who were touched by the Holy Spirit at these conferences will move every reader’s heart. The powerful stories of how Jesus has ignited the lives of thousands of men with newfound passion for God, will inspire readers to follow Him with renewed zeal. THE MIGHTY MENTM JOURNEY celebrates unwavering faith, infinite hope, and joyous and abundant life in Christ!

Author: Samu Haber, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 352, Publisher: Riva Verlag, ISBN: 9783745313802

Burning ambition, brutal setbacks, meteoric rises, and unbelievable coincidences. Teetering on the edge of the abyss, risking everything, and reaching multi-national stardom. Not to mention life choices that could have sent the whole story in an entirely different direction. The life of Samu Haber – front man of Finnish rock band Sunrise Avenue ("Hollywood Hills", "Fairytale Gone Bad") and celebrity judge on The Voice of Germany – has been one stupendous roller-coaster ride. His passion for music has been the constant that kept him sane throughout. Written in a brisk, engaging – and characteristically charming – style, this exclusive autobiography is Samu's true story: from shady encounters, narrow escapes, and a barrage of record-company rejections to muscling his own way into pan-European music stardom. With vivid recall and total candour, Samu charts his determined path to success – but also the price he and loved ones paid along the way: burnout, broken relationships, artistic crises, and one close call after another. At turns tender, hilarious, and incredible, this thrilling full-disclosure read is a must for all Sunrise Avenue fans and for anyone that dreams of something other than the ordinary.

Author: Tammy Roy, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 120, Publisher: Word Alive Press, ISBN: 9781486620814

There are certain experiences in one?s life that would seem best forgotten. Other moments are a celebration and collection of incredible experiences resembling a beautiful tapestry which should be displayed. This book is a combination of both?the moments fondly remembered as well as the ones? well, the ones when I wish I would have listened to the prompts of heaven. Throughout our lives, we all experience nudges from heaven, and with such a nudge comes a choice. The choices we make affect those around us, especially those closest to us. Every choice has a ripple effect, either for good or bad. This book provides an inside look at some of the choices I?ve made in the hopes that you will recognize God?s voice and feel His nudge in helping you navigate this thing we call life.

Author: D.N.H III, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 262, Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., ISBN: 9781098040482

Extra-Ordinary: The Touch That Marked Eternity is an adventurous narrative that will inspire and challenge both the mature leaders of the faith and everyday Christians alike. This book covers fifteen of the most important principles that can radically transform your life within Christianity today. Both disciple makers and disciples alike will be challenged deeply in their personal faith journeys, examined in the depths of their character, and face the daunting question of, "Am I a son or daughter of God or simply His grandchild?"Through personal testimonies, failures, and successes, Daniel parallels his own life journey in the last sixteen years of ministry that he had to both learn and apply with fifteen incredible leaders of today that exemplify each of these discipleship/leadership principles. Each of these incredible leaders has added their own personal introductions to each chapter. Closing each chapter is an inspiring meditation, personal-application questions, and an optional further study. God gives power and promises, and this book will inspire you to understand what that means and how adding virtue to your faith truly lays the Christian foundation.Daniel, who left for Mexico on a journey straight out of high school in 2004 to, "prove that God doesn't exist," has turned into an entire life of radically serving the same God whom he first set out to prove against. His life story, both the successes and failures, have turned into an example of the extraordinary! Each chapter highlights an incredible man or woman of the faith that entered Daniel's journey and shows how that transforming power of testimony and conviction continually molded and shifted his life to become what he never dreamt, imagined, or desired, leaving no doubt—God is real!

Author: , Genre: Law, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: UCAL:B4408237

Author: Dr. Varsha P. Zanwar , Genre: Antiques & Collectibles, Total Page: 43, Publisher: RUT Printer and Publisher, ISBN: 9789384663056

Though not an avowed feminist, Shashi Deshpande occupies a significant place among the contemporary women novelists who concern themselves with the problems of women and their quest for identity. Her creative talent and accomplishment have established her credentials as a worthy successor and contemporary to the Indian English writers such as Desai, Shobha De, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Bharati Mukherjee etc. In this book, two novels by Shashi Deshpande – 1. The Dark Holds No Terrors. 2. That Long Silence are studied in detail for the sake to find image of woman in both the novels. Shashi Deshpande's novel "The Dark Holds No Terrors", seeks to discuss the male ego which refuses to accept a secondary position in marriage. The novel narrated the harrowing experiences of the protagonist 'Sarita', who enjoys a greater economic and social status than her husband Manohar. Deshpande also makes the readers aware of society's reaction to the superior status of the wife in a marriage, which leads the husband to develop an inferiority complex. The novel also seeks to discuss the blatant gender discrimination which is shown even by parents towards their daughters. Deshpande effectively conveys the craving by parents for a male child and the disastrous effect it can have on a sensitive going girl. Denied of parental love and victim of her husband's frustrations, 'Sarita' undergoes an arduous journey into herself and liberates herself from guilt, shame and humiliation to emerge in full control over her life. Shashi Deshpande's novel, "That Long Silence", brought her into limelight as it was rewarded by the prestigious "Sahitya Academy Award". The novel deals with the protagonist Jaya's passage through a mare of self doubts and fears towards the affirmation of herself. A crisis in the middle-class family of the protagonist triggers off a chain of events which compel her to view her life in retrospection. What follows is an honest and frank account of Jaya's life. In her anxiety to play the role of wife and mother to perfection. Jaya realizes that she does not do justice to her talents as a writer. Her constant fear of displeasing her husband and inviting the censure of society, not only make her give up writing but also discourage her from acknowledging her friendship with a man who is not her husband, brother or father. The novel focuses Jaya as a representative of the modern young woman - educated and aware - nevertheless unable to break free from the strangle - hold of tradition. In the process of telling her story, she offers us a glimpse into the lives of ostensibly content housewives who are nevertheless suppressed under the weight of male dominance. Thus this book helps to find out image of woman in these novels. I record my gratefulness to the principal of J.E.S. College, Jalna- Dr. R. S. Agrawal, Head of the Department of English- M.A. Sami Siddiqui for support and encouragement at every stage of my work. I also offer my sincere thanks to the senior teachers of my Department for their valuable suggestions. I feel deeply to put into words my sense of thankfulness to my family.

Author: Brice Parfait Ndzigou, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: Brice Parfait Ndzigou, ISBN: 9781616232443

Author: , Genre: Insurance, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015084672842

Vols. for 1910-56 include convention proceedings of various insurance organizations.

Author: Christian Guenette, Genre: Self-Help, Total Page: 338, Publisher: Morgan James Publishing, ISBN: 9781614482956

“An inspiring book of breakthroughs and a joyful call to personal awakening . . . demonstrates the power our thoughts really have” (Jason Sugar, founder of Breakthrough Adventures, Inc.). The Thought That Changed My Life Forever is an inspirational gem highlighting the art and science of changing your mind, with a unique approach that will please both science and spirituality enthusiasts alike. It’s obvious people around the world continue to seek answers to the age-old questions: “Why are we here?” and “What is my purpose?” The Thought book not only offers valuable insights into the process of finding a solution to life’s most challenging conundrums, but also provides fifty-two real-life examples of how it’s been achieved—leaving a firm belief in each of our minds that even the most difficult situations can be overcome, one thought at a time. “A lyrical journey, providing a rhythm and heartbeat that captivated my attention and moved my whole being right until the final word . . . Reading this book will definitely light a spark and bring it to the surface of your awareness.” —James F. Twyman, New York Times–bestselling author