Author: Ellen Carol DuBois, Genre: History, Total Page: 835, Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education, ISBN: 9781319019198

Through Women’s Eyes: An American History with Documents was the first text to present a narrative of U.S. women’s history within the context of the central developments of the United States and to combine this core narrative with written and visual primary sources in each chapter. The authors’ commitment to highlighting the best and most current scholarship, along with their focus on women from a broad range of ethnicities, classes, religions, and regions, has helped students really understand U.S. history Through Women’s Eyes.

Author: Ellen Carol DuBois, Genre: History, Total Page: 512, Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education, ISBN: 9781319156138

Through Women's Eyes: An American History with Documents was the first text to present a narrative of U.S. women's history within the context of the central developments of the United States and to combine this core narrative with written and visual primary sources in each chapter. The authors' commitment to highlighting the best and most current scholarship, along with their focus on women from a broad range of ethnicities, classes, religions, and regions, has helped students really understand U.S. history Through Women's Eyes.

Author: Judith N. McArthur, Genre: History, Total Page: 295, Publisher: University of Texas Press, ISBN: 9780292723030

"This is social history at its very best...The wide selection of firsthand accounts found in this text draw the reader in, and most are absolutely fascinating...This volume will make a significant contribution to the field of Texas women's history, and I predict it will be the one book to which scholars and the reading public turn for information on twentieth-century Texas women."-Elizabeth Hayes Turner, Professor of History, University of North Texas Texas Women broke barriers throughout the twentieth century, winning the right to vote, expanding their access to higher education, entering new professions, participating fully in civic and political life, and planning their families. Yet these major achievements have hardly been recognized in histories of twentieth-century Texas. By contrast, Texas Through Women's Eyes offers a fascinating overview of women's experiences and achievements in the twentieth century, with an inclusive focus on rural women, working-class women, and women of color. Judith N. McArthur and Harold L. Smith trace the history of Texas women through four eras. They discuss how women entered the public sphere to work for social reforms and the right to vote during the Progressive era (1900-1920); how they continued working for reform and social justice and for greater opportunities in education and the workforce during the Great Depression and World War II (1920-1945); how African American and Mexican American women fought for labor and civil rights while Anglo women laid the foundation for two-party politics during the postwar years (1945-1965); and how second-wave feminists (1965-2000) promoted diverse and sometimes competing goals, including passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, reproductive freedom, gender equity in sports, and the rise of the New Right and the Republican party. The authors take particular account of the interactions between genders and the hierarchies of race and ethnicity as they synthesize information from published histories with their own original research into women's lives. They also include a wealth of first-person accountsùwomen's letters, memoirs, and oral histories. This lively combination will appeal to a wide audience.

Author: Toby W. Clyman, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 393, Publisher: Yale University Press, ISBN: 0300067542

Autobiografieën van vrouwen over hun jonge jaren in tsaristisch Rusland.

Author: Li Yu-ning, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 272, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781317474715

The special focus of this book is the lives and experiences of women in China in the first half of the 20th century. Part One - Historical Interpretations - presents essays by Western-educated Chinese women and men, on the historical role of women in a time of great social and economic upheaval. Part Two - Self-Portraits of Women in Modern China - presents the views of women who experienced life in this period through essays and autobiographies that range from women as concubines to women as factory workers, from women suffering footbinding to women serving as nurses, from women in traditional role in a traditional family to women as scientists and teachers.

Author: Shaunti Feldhahn, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 192, Publisher: Multnomah, ISBN: 9781601425126

What Happens When Women See What Men See? You already know that your husband, boyfriend, or son is wired differently from you, but do you know what that really means? It means, among other things, that he’s been given the gift of a unique visual wiring—and the challenges that come with it. In Through a Man’s Eyes, Shaunti Feldhahn and Craig Gross team up to help open our eyes to something we are often blind to. They address questions like: · “Why are guys so visual—and what does that mean, anyway?” · “How do I help my son navigate this sex-crazed culture?” · “How dare someone tell a woman to watch what she wears! Isn’t it a man’s responsibility not to look?” · “If he’s tempted by visual images, is there something wrong with him? With me?” · “My husband is an honorable guy, so why would he be tempted by porn?” · “How can I talk to my husband or son about this? What can I do to support him?” Through the compassion and candor in this book, we can learn what men have long wished we knew (but didn’t know how to explain)—and see the difference it makes when we do!

Author: Karma Lekshe Tsomo, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 184, Publisher: Shambhala Publications, ISBN: 9781559397346

The Buddha's path to human transformation declares women and men equally capable of spiritual realization, yet throughout history most exemplars of this tradition have been men. Now, as Buddhism is transmitted to the West, women are playing a major role in its adaptation and development. The conversation presented here takes place among experienced practitioners from many Buddhist traditions who share their thoughts on the Buddhist outlook, its practical application in everyday life, and the challenges of practicing Buddhism in the Western world. Thirteen women contribute a wealth of thought-provoking material on topics such as bringing Dharma into relationships, dealing with stress, Buddhism and the Twelve Steps, mothering and meditation, the monastic experience, and forging a kind heart in an age of alienation.

Author: Joan Sangster, Genre: Electronic books, Total Page: 429, Publisher: Au Press, ISBN: 1926836405

Through Feminist Eyes gathers in one volume the most incisive and insightful essays written to date by the distinguished Canadian historian Joan Sangster. To the original essays, Sangster has added reflective introductory discussions that situate her earlier work in the context of developing theory and debate. Sangster has also supplied an introduction to the collection in which she reflects on the themes and theoretical orientations that have shaped the writing of women's history over the past thirty years. Approaching her subject matter from an array of interpretive frameworks that engage questions of gender, class, colonialism, politics, and labour, Sangster explores the lived experience of women in a variety of specific historical settings. In so doing, she sheds new light on issues that have sparked much debate among feminist historians and offers a thoughtful overview of the evolution of women's history in Canada.

Author: Sarah Carter, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 420, Publisher: University of Calgary Press, ISBN: 9781552381779

This collection stems from a recent conference at University of Calgary that included some of the most established names in the field of women's history in the US and Canada, as well as younger scholars, activists in the Aboriginal community and in farm women's organisations, volunteers in historical societies working to preserve women's voices, family and genealogical researchers, film-makers, a poet, a playwright and many others. Designed to generate writing and research about the West through women's eyes, the central goal of the conference was to spark dialogue across boundaries, whether geographic, cultural or disciplinary. The volume is divided into two parts: the first section discusses the role of women in history as community builders and cultural preservationists, and the second section is concerned with gender history in numerous disciplines such as history, education, nursing and communication studies. This collection highlights the extent to which Western and women's history remains a contested or unsettled terrain and argues that the greatest strength of historical analyses that take sex and gender into account is their ability to complicate and consequently transcend regional myths and frontier legacies that emerged out of imperial and masculine priorities and perspectives.

Author: J. Mead, Genre: , Total Page: 346, Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN: 1496104870

Eliza Moretti sits alone in a European hotel room at the end of a momentous life. She has no regrets about the decision that got her to where she is today. She fills her last days indulging in the glorious and sometimes painful memories of her past. She revisits her journey through life in London from the Second World War, the Swinging Sixties, the Thatcherism of the Eighties to the London 2012 Olympics. Through her thoughts and recollections she travels the highs and lows of love, the grief and sadness of loss, and the fight to become a successful woman in a predominantly man's world.