Author: David McCullough, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 1120, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9780743260299

The Pulitzer Prize–winning biography of Harry S. Truman, whose presidency included momentous events from the atomic bombing of Japan to the outbreak of the Cold War and the Korean War, told by America’s beloved and distinguished historian. The life of Harry S. Truman is one of the greatest of American stories, filled with vivid characters—Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bess Wallace Truman, George Marshall, Joe McCarthy, and Dean Acheson—and dramatic events. In this riveting biography, acclaimed historian David McCullough not only captures the man—a more complex, informed, and determined man than ever before imagined—but also the turbulent times in which he rose, boldly, to meet unprecedented challenges. The last president to serve as a living link between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries, Truman’s story spans the raw world of the Missouri frontier, World War I, the powerful Pendergast machine of Kansas City, the legendary Whistle-Stop Campaign of 1948, and the decisions to drop the atomic bomb, confront Stalin at Potsdam, send troops to Korea, and fire General MacArthur. Drawing on newly discovered archival material and extensive interviews with Truman’s own family, friends, and Washington colleagues, McCullough tells the deeply moving story of the seemingly ordinary “man from Missouri” who was perhaps the most courageous president in our history.

Author: Jean Reidy, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 40, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781534416659

An NPR Favorite Book of 2019 A New York Times Best Children’s book of 2019 A Kirkus Reviews Best Picture Book of 2019 A School Library Journal Best Picture Book of 2019 "An enchanting tale of bravery, heroism, and undying devotion." —The New York Times Book Review After his best friend Sarah leaves for her first day of school, a tortoise named Truman goes on an adventure across the living room and learns to be brave in this thoughtful and heartwarming twist on a first experience story. Truman the tortoise lives with his Sarah, high above the taxis and the trash trucks and the number eleven bus, which travels south. He never worries about the world below…until one day, when Sarah straps on a big backpack and does something Truman has never seen before. She boards the bus! Truman waits for her to return. He waits. And waits. And waits. And when he can wait no longer, he knows what he must do. Even if it seems…impossible!

Author: Jeffrey Frank, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 576, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781501102899

Jeffrey Frank, author of the bestselling Ike and Dick, returns with the first full account of the Truman presidency in nearly thirty years, recounting how so ordinary a man met the extraordinary challenge of leading America through the pivotal years of the mid-20th century. The nearly eight years of Harry Truman’s presidency—among the most turbulent in American history—were marked by victory in the wars against Germany and Japan; the first use of an atomic weapon; the beginning of the Cold War; creation of the NATO alliance; the founding of the United Nations; the Marshall Plan to rebuild the wreckage of postwar Europe; the Red Scare; and the fateful decision to commit troops to fight in Korea. Historians have tended to portray Truman as stolid and decisive, with a homespun manner, but the man who emerges in The Trials of Harry S. Truman is complex and surprising. He believed that the point of public service was to improve the lives of one’s fellow citizens, and was disturbed by the brutal treatment of African Americans. Yet while he supported stronger civil rights laws, he never quite relinquished the deep-rooted outlook of someone with Confederate ancestry reared in rural Missouri. He was often carried along by the rush of events and guided by men who succeeded in refining his fixed and facile view of the postwar world. And while he prided himself on his Midwestern rationality, he could act out of emotion, as when, in the aftermath of World War II, moved by the plight of refugees, he pushed to recognize the new state of Israel. The Truman who emerges in these pages is a man with generous impulses, loyal to friends and family, and blessed with keen political instincts, but insecure, quick to anger, and prone to hasty decisions. Archival discoveries, and research that led from Missouri to Washington, Berlin and Korea, have contributed to an indelible, and deeply human, portrait of an ordinary man suddenly forced to shoulder extraordinary responsibilities, who never lost a schoolboy’s romantic love for his country, and its Constitution.

Author: Gregory W. Sand, Genre: History, Total Page: 175, Publisher: Taylor Trade Pub, ISBN: WISC:89060418084

Building on extensive research, Truman's unpublished letters and memos from the period, Dr. G.W. Sand captures the special blend of forthrightness and conviction with which Harry Truman viewed the presidency, the United States as moral leader of the world, and the major figures of the period.

Author: Cabell B. H. Phillips, Genre: United States, Total Page: 508, Publisher: New York : Macmillan, ISBN: UOM:39015002319047

This is the first full-scale and objective narrative of one of the most turbulent and significant epochs in the seven and three-quarter years that profoundly affected the destiny of the United States and of the world.

Author: Joseph Gies, Genre: Presidents, Total Page: 200, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015002638933

A biography of the thirty-third President of the United States from childhood, through his years as Vice-President to Franklin D. Roosevelt, to his sudden rise to the office of President, to the decision to drop atomic bombs, and the beginnings of the Cold War.

Author: Dennis Merrill, Genre: Presidents, Total Page: 841, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015040544770

Author: Ideals Publications Incorporated, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 80, Publisher: Ideals Publications, ISBN: WISC:89066265281

Here is a pictorial view of the personal and political life of one of our greatest Presidents. The book includes photos, along with excerpts from his letters and speeches. The text is not only an in-depth look at the man, but also a view of America from the turn of the century to the nuclear age, which Truman ushered in with the atomic bomb.

Author: J. Robert Moskin, Genre: History, Total Page: 411, Publisher: Random House Incorporated, ISBN: UOM:39015037469239

Describes the end of World War II, the dropping of the first atomic bomb, the birth of the United Nations, the end of world colonialism, and the origins of the Cold War

Author: Dennis Merrill, Genre: United States, Total Page: 506, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015046476209