Author: Andrea Balbo, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 295, Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG, ISBN: 9783110731651

The volume includes the proceedings of the 2nd Roma Sinica project conference held in Seoul in September 2019 and aims to compare some features of the ancient political thought in the Western classical tradition and in the Eastern ancient thought. The contributors, coming from Korea, Europe, USA, China, Japan, propose new patterns of interpretation of the mutual interactions and proximities between these two cultural worlds and offer also a perspective of continuity between contemporary and ancient political thought. Therefore, this book is a reference place in the context of the comparative research between Roman (and early Greek thought) and Eastern thought. Researchers interested in Cicero, Seneca, Plato, post-Platonic and post Aristotelic philosophical schools, history, ancient Roman and Chinese languages could find interesting materials in this work.

Author: Russell Bova, Genre: Education, Total Page: 392, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781317460558

This volume introduces readers to an age-old question that has perplexed both Russians and Westerners. Is Russia the eastern flank of Europe? Or is it really the heartland of another civilization? In exploring this question, the authors present a sweeping survey of cultural, religious, political, and economic developments in Russia, especially over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Based on the inter-disciplinary Russian studies program at Dickinson College, this splendid collection will complement many curricula. The text features highlight boxes and selected illustrations. Each chapter ends with a glossary, study questions, and a reading list.

Author: John Stipp, Genre: Civilization, Western, Total Page: 612, Publisher: , ISBN: 047182609X

Author: Joshua Cole, Genre: History, Total Page: 880, Publisher: W. W. Norton, ISBN: 0393419029

Used by more than a million students since its original publication, Western Civilizations became the leading text for the course by combining historical scholarship with classroom innovation. Master scholars/teachers Joshua Cole and Carol Symes enhance coverage of the West in a global context with a new focus on migration and nationalism. Dynamic digital resources, including award-winning InQuizitive activities and new History Skills Tutorials for every chapter, guide students from basic understanding basics to analysis and interpretation.

Author: Joshua Cole, Genre: History, Total Page: 1152, Publisher: W. W. Norton, ISBN: 0393614301

The most pedagogically innovative text and media for the western civilizations course now more current, more global, and more interactive."

Author: Guy Ankerl, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 501, Publisher: INU PRESS, ISBN: 2881550045

Some important questions are discussed in this book: Are there any civilisations other than the Western one living in our so-called Global-Age? 'Eastern civilisation'? Is the concept of East anything more than non-West? Or does there exist, in reality, a distinct Chinese, Indian, Arabo-Muslim, and Western civilisation? Is the construction of large civilisation-states such as China and India an unparalleled historical achievement? Do economic ties always eclipse other forms of affiliation such as those formed through kinship or between speech communities? What is the role of the 'Latin' and the Jewish Peoples in our Anglo-American-led Western world? Is English today the global language or merely an international one? Is the Chinese thought pattern closely related to its writing system? Is today's world one of (symmetrical) interdependence? Or rather one of hegemony? If the so-called North-South or East-West dialogue fails in constructing a universally accepted world civilisation, then what is the appropriate arrangement for reaching such a consensus within humankind?

Author: Jackson J. Spielvogel, Genre: History, Total Page: 208, Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company, ISBN: 0495030902

Prepared by James T. Baker of Western Kentucky University, the Study Guide includes chapter outlines and summaries, a glossary of key terms for each chapter, analysis of primary source documents, and questions that include matching, multiple choice, fill-in-the blank, chronology, critical thought, and map exercise questions.

Author: Jacob Neusner, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 568, Publisher: Abingdon Press, ISBN: 9781426719417

World Religions Religious Foundations of Western Civilization introduces students to the major Western world religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—their beliefs, key concepts, history, as well as the fundamental role they have played, and continue to play, in Western culture. Contributors include: Jacob Neusner, Alan J. Avery-Peck, Bruce D. Chilton, Th. Emil Homerin, Jon D. Levenson, William Scott Green, Seymour Feldman, Elliot R. Wolfson, James A. Brundage, Olivia Remie Constable, and Amila Buturovic. "This book provides a superb source of information for scientists and scholars from all disciplines who are trying to understand religion in the context of human cultural evolution." David Sloan Wilson, Professor, Departments of Biology and Anthropology, Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York This is the right book at the right time. Globalization, religious revivalism, and international politics have made it more important than ever to appreciate the significant contributions of the Children of Abraham to the formation and development of Western civilization. John L. Esposito, University Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Muslm-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Jacob Neusner is Research Professor of Religion and Theology, and Senior Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. General Interest/Other Religions/Comparative Religion

Author: Kenneth L. Campbell, Genre: History, Total Page: , Publisher: M.E. Sharpe, ISBN: 9780765622525

Western Civilization: A Comparative and Global Approach is a one-author, one-voice narrative history of western civilization from ancient times to the present. Within an overarching chronological approach, individual chapters focus on social, cultural, political, economic, and intellectual life during particular, sometimes overlapping, periods. Religion, everyday life, and transforming moments are the three main themes of the book that make the past interesting, intelligible, and relevant to today's students. Another important feature is the incorporation of a comparative approach-using illustrations, documents, quotes, and visual or written material to provide students with a keener understanding of the West through comparison with other civilizations and cultures. Every chapter includes original source boxes, timelines, and web links to additional and complementary information. An online Instructor's Manual written by the author provides instructors with access to a wide variety of resources including image galleries; web links, maps, test materials, and suggested readings.

Author: Oswald Spengler, Genre: History, Total Page: 414, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 0195066340

Spengler's work describes how we have entered into a centuries-long "world-historical" phase comparable to late antiquity, and his controversial ideas spark debate over the meaning of historiography.